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In Language Arts, we read a book called "Holes".

It's a story about a boy that had been cursed to have bad lucks. He was captured due to the crime of stealing shoes and was sent to Camp Green Lake. If you go to Camp Green Lake, all you do is to dig holes. Why they are to dig holes? It's not to turn them into good boys, but like slaves that are needed to find a treasure. What happens then?

It's a very good book. Me, myself, dislike reading... hehe... But this book is interesting for all of us to read. Read and enjoy as much as I do!! =]
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The french commandos had captured the men last week, after a Liberian tanker. The French naval frigate had docked in the Kenyan port of Mombasa that carried 11 Somalis accused of piracy.
This year Somali-based pirates attacked 80 ships and more. They also illegally seized at least 20 c0 that were collecting millions of dollars.S
LINK: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8012339.stm
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AGAIN... This is not my original country I am suppose to be doing. I've found this article and thought I'd share. It's short, ok~~?
The Kenya's president had promised to punish the people that was involved with the outbreak of violence; which lead 29 people dead in the central town on Monday. The police say that local residents had decided to fight the 60 suspected members of Mungiki (banned) that had threatened them for money.

LINK: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8012974.stm
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FUFUF! Today is EArth Day!!
So, here are some steps you could do today~

- Take a FAST shower.
- Ride Bikes
- No air conditioner
- Don't flush the toilet a lot (this is kinda stupid...)
- Walk to school
- Turn off lights.
- Use day lights to work.
- Use rechargable batteries.
- Don't use a lot of hot water.
- Buy organic foods.
- Don't waste materials.
- Recycle.
- Plant trees.
- Don't litter.
- But products with less packages

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I found this news article quite interesting so I've desided to share this rather than the news of my country — Sudan.
BY: DUNNO WHO... > <

TIME: APRIL 12, 2009
WHERE: Somalia
Pirates have gradually attacked ships off Somalia's (a country in Africa) coast. They capture some and damaged some. The pirates would usually force the preys to give them money, then free them.

The pirates then took the American captain, Richard Phillips and held hostage in at a life boat.
Currently, the American navy is trying to get him out.

Although the American navy tried to save him, they say that 4 pirates fired at them in order to prevent them from coming closer.

They couldn't get Captain Phillip to land safely, but the rest of his crews are. His crews said that the reason they were safe was because their captain had risked his life for all of his crews.

LINK: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_7990000/newsid_7995700/7995705.stm
Picture LINK: http://www.examiner.com/x-6953-Newark-World-News-Examiner~y2009m4d12-US-Captain-rescued-Somali-pirates-shot-dead
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We read two African Stories in our Humanities class. Just press the title of the stories below, and it'll bring you to the websites. What I am sharing, explains a short summary of the story.

The Three Tests: A Swahili Tale of Choices

In this story, it tells about Prince Sadaka finding his other brothers for fathers. Their father missed the missing sons but was too old to sail across the Indian Ocean.

On the way there, he met some friends — living creatures (not humans — animals & spirits). He helped them by feeding and accompany them.

Prince Sadaka got to the island of Pemba and saw boats in the harbor. He knew the sultan of Pemba was very bad tempered. Sadaka had no choice, but ask the old man. He replied by requesting if Sadaka could pass his three tests.

With the help of the animals & spirits he helped, he was able to pass all of the tests.
Basically, this story explains to us that they believe in having conversations with creatures and getting their helps.
Fafi's Sheep

This is a story about a boy and his dream of having a sheep like
all the others. One day he got one from his parents and was so very happy. He rode on it, not knowing the sheep was uncomfortable with it. The sheep ran away from him and landed at a garden. The owner of the garden founds out and beat the boy up. Luckily, he was able to run away, still chasing the sheep. Troubles were followed as he continued to chance it. Suddenly, the sheep went and joined the other sheep ahead. How can he find his sheep within so many that looked the same?? To find out... read it!! ^ ^
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My Photo Journal — Wednesday:

This is where I live. The red-brownish apartment. I usually wake up at around 7:15. That's because I live in Jubei and if I need to get to school on time, I will need to wake up early.


During 7:15 to 7:45, I would eat my breakfast with my family. But sometimes, we would eat in the car. Here you can see my mom driving us to school...



This is my school: Hsinchu International School. This is where I study as a seven grader.



Before my actual first class, I go to "Advisory". This is when all of the seven graders gather up before class. Today is A Day on Thursday. During the A Days, we study Science, Wellness, Independent Learning, and Language Arts.
But on B Days, we have Humanities, Math, Creative Writing, and Music.

(This picture was taken during Language Arts)

And then LUNCH! Yeah!!!

After lunch, I can't just sit right back to my seat. So, I gave a little walk with my friends.



After school, some of the HIS students would go outside and have fun socializing. They would go out to 7-11 or out to the court and play basketball.

(This is 2 of the girls in my class: Stephaine (left) and Sandra (right). Crazy, aren't they?)


Yep, then it's after school! Together, my cousin, my brother, and I went aboard on our car.
On Wednesday, we did not just going straight home, but to somewhere else. To soccer!!! Yeah! I love playing soccer!!
This is our class~~ Last Year... =]

It's been tiring and hot after all the running and kicking. Let's go home!!!!

Of all the exercising, we will feel hungry~ Sometimes we would go home, and sometimes we will eat the things Mom bought at the mall.

Yeah. You know what's next? Homework!!!
Usually, after doing my homework, I would go down stairs and have fun on the tambourine.



Kids in Africa live a different live then us. They lives are poorer and have less technology so, their lives are difficult. Rural Life...

Even though their environment is different then ours, they do a lot of what we also do now. They enjoy exercising like skipping ropes, baseball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and having fun playing the drums. They also enjoy Drama Club Play (dance, songs, acting).

In some homes today, we have helpers to clean the house for families. But in Africa, they don't really have enough money. So, they did all the chores by themselves. They watered the garden with bare feet, harvesting crops like corn, yams, and cassava. Did house chores like, sweeping with the prayier (a broom mad of grassy reeds) & other cleanings, washing clothes & hanging them out under the sun to dry, and all other kinds. When they wash their clothes, few have washing machines and were mostly done with their own hands. Sometimes they must wash clothes at community springs. They don't have water pipes, so that's why they have central drinking fountain for water. It works by using a card or pay for water. Most of the kids of the families would get up early to collect water.

Painters use colorants (chemicals?) instead of natural materials from NATURE.
Their houses are made out of mud-bricks and corrugated steel siding. The buildings that most of us live in are usually made of cement. Plus, some Africans don't have electricity for lights, so the have to use oil lamps instead.

Their food includes "Kenkey", a kind of corn dumpling that's steamed. It could be added with all kinds of tasty spices. They have snacks just like we do. We, unlike them, go to little shops and buy "already-made" food from like, Seven-Eleven. Whereas they have to use outdoor cook stoves to make traditional treats. Some kids cook their own food and live in boarding schools.

There are no high rises or sidewalks, usually. Most of the areas are grassy, don't have too many hills or trees, little water, and are like dry savannas.

Because they are poor (some), most of them are farmers. They use terraces to grow crops (bananas, corn, onions). Then, use cows for lawn cut. They have lettuce fields and use a special kind of vegetable (kachumbari) to make special salads (nyamachoma) served with roasted meat dish. They use "arrowroots" (crop) in sauces or cookies. Most of the people there, shop at second-handed shops, and have grocery stnds. There's not too many shops.

One important thing that I've noticed about them, is that they help each other in hard circumstances. =]


Although your living conditions could be harsh, there's some things we, can't do. There's almost no places for us to run freely like you do. Staying outdoors instead of getting trapped inside the houses. Breathing less polluted air. There's maybe a lot more of things you guys could do and we couldn't. Just think, you are sometimes more fortunate then we are.