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It's almost the end of the school year and we were done with our final for Language Arts. So, our teacher, Mr. Laffin, had decided for us to watch a video. It's called "God's Children".
It is about the people in Philippine that lives at a garbage dump (Smokey Mountain [or something]). It is about a time when that garbage dump had fallen down and buried some alive. Others were left and had to suffer for survival. The problem is that they need money. The garbage is where their money came from. They sold them to earn money for a living. But without it their families would have to starve and resist from certain diseases.

The main food source of those people, are rice. Some may have to struggle with the help of yams they planted. And because they are poor, they could only (at least) afford rice and salt. They also drank unclean water. If you walked around their houses, you'll see that they are mostly made out of metal boards and wood.
I think the main purpose of this video is to show us how lucky we are right now. There are a lot more others that need money. If you can, try and help these people out!! =]
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Original News: http://www.livemint.com/2009/06/11002508/Poverty-in-India-more-than-est.html?h=B

The World Bank suggested on June 10 that the real poverty may raise higher than the estimates. It was already occurring over four states (Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, and Assam).

Study had been made and interviews had also started to happen with families in those villages.
People are know taking actions for helping the poor decrease the number of deaths and illnesses.
This is a short news article? Yeah.... I know =]
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(Picture from "THIS" website)

After reading the book, we decided to watch the movie too. When the movie ended, we started discuss about it. We talked about the similarities and the differences between the book and the movie.
The movie of White Fang is interesting in some ways and yet weird too. What makes it interesting is the order the way they planned the scenes to be at. At the beginning, it started with this boy who wanted to go with two other man and find gold. And at about the same time, a pup was born. Kind of brown and not gray. He, WF, was born in a whole in the ground. There's not much of the information about White Fang's childhood. (There's no sign of the dad, One Eye.)

The characters kind of had different names but about the same role as the original. There's no Weedon Scott and , or Judge Scott. No San Francisco. Some scenes had been skipped and extras are added to make the whole movie smoother. In the book, Beauty Smith doesn't look like that. He's suppose to be REALLY ugly. (Not that I mean he is handsome or something... =P.)
The book contained shtained more description of White Fang's birth. Kiche, the she-wolf, doesn't die! She went to the Indian village with White Fang. There's no Lip-Lip (in the movie) at the camp too! Of course, the book is longer than the movie. =P There are ships!! And there's some description about White Fang's siblings. There's also no scene which White Fang saved the "so-called-Weedon-Scott" from a bear! 0_o
But of all the differences between the book and the movie, there's still some similarities. (Of course, what I said above may not be the only ones. There are more!) They have the same title "WHITE FANG". And yes, Beauty Smith is mean and harmed White Fang. When the "so-called-Weedon-Scott" tried to leave, White Fang jumps out of the window (both in the movie and the book).

Have you read the book or seen the movie? If you have... Which one do you prefer? The "NEW" version or the "ORIGINAL" version?

I GO FOR THE "ORIGINAL" version.... YEAH!! =]
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Okay everybody! This is the book reflection post! We read a book called "White Fang" during our Language Arts class....

This is the cover of our book.

For a quick summary of White Fang (if you haven't read it and is interested in reading), you can go to SparkNotes.

After reading this book, there's some reflecting to do~~
Questions...? Ready? Begin!!

1) Did you like the book?
It was OKAY... =]

2) Why or why not?
I don't really LOVE this book... But it's 'cool' for me... I like dogs, but I just don't like to read 'dog' books... (WOLVES~~?)... Yeah. Weird me, right? >0<

3) Would you suggest someone to read the book?
I would suggest this book to those who likes to read:
- Adventurous
- About Animal (dogs and wolves)
- About Fighting
- About the WILD and Nature
- About a kinda of 'real-life' story.
- About 'something's' live story.
- And those who just loves to read books!~ =]

4) Why or why not?
It's like a hobby. You can carry it with you and read everywhere (almost, under certain circumstances... lol) =]

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I perched on the top of the trees and looked down to the western shores of Hudson Bay. There, a few campers had settled down. All the time, I've been watching them with my keen eyes. They ate, laughed, and told jokes together. But the last part, which made me set out my moves, was when they left the campfire, and got into their tents. They had gone to bed early because during the next early morning, they would be fishing out in the lake.

I calculated the right moment and make sure nobody is truly awake, before I flew down to their campsite. The campfire was still burning brightly. I hopped around the log seats, trying to find scraps of food they've left. I found some pieces of fish and some bread crumbs. My tummy grumbled. It's still not enough.

Just as I was feeling sad of hunger, I felt a faint breeze of warmth. A warmth of hope? I quickly turned my head towards where it came from. A tent. The breeze came from one of the tents. The human inside must have forgot to zip the opening. Muahahaha!! Carefully, I stepped inside and onto the soft blankets. Aha! There, in the hands of one of them, lay a bag of opened crackers!! My dinner today was some fish, bread crumbs, and a bag of crackers. =]

When the sun was about to rise, the campers had set out to their canoes. Acting innocent, I landed on the bow of one of the canoes. My plan for today is to steal whatever that's edible and good tasting.

A man crouched down near the shore and began to wash some tools with soap. I flew down beside him and silently took the soap away. I wonder what this taste like..! After a small peck of my beak, I jerked back screaming "Ca-ca-ca!". It's disgusting and unnatural.

My call had echoed within the mountains and sounded like a signal to all other birds of my kind. From far away, I saw a flock of them, flying to where I am now. And plus, the campers had noticed me. They are now going to keep an eye on me, for they now what I am and what I'll do...

But the flock had suddenly changed their directions! Maybe it's just a coincidence that they came! Right now, the campers are setting traps and putting out baits. I stared at the baits for a long time and had finally decided. I'm going to steal it for my breakfast. Within minutes, I had damaged some trappers and took out 4 of the baits. The campers were so pissed off, they tried to use a stick and hunt me down. It seems like they have made a lot of effort making the traps.

After a few hours, they caught a great black duck. Then, the slaughtered it and laid it out to dry. Oops! They had forgot me, the stealer!!! When all of their backs turned the opposite directions, I skipped down from the bow and began munching away the entire breast of the duck. Today was pretty lucky, I thought.

The following catch was great! They caught a beaver and had it skinned. They left the beaver at the same place where they've put the duck. Right then, they noticed the missing part of the duck and looked my way. There I was again, trying to steal. Again, they tried to hit me and capture me with the net. Their faces seemed as hungry as me!

Unfortunately, for them, I flew off back onto the same tree I perched on when I arrived here. I guess I will just need to fly off, looking for insects, spiders, berries, and other small animals to feed on...
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In Language Arts, we read a book called "Holes".

It's a story about a boy that had been cursed to have bad lucks. He was captured due to the crime of stealing shoes and was sent to Camp Green Lake. If you go to Camp Green Lake, all you do is to dig holes. Why they are to dig holes? It's not to turn them into good boys, but like slaves that are needed to find a treasure. What happens then?

It's a very good book. Me, myself, dislike reading... hehe... But this book is interesting for all of us to read. Read and enjoy as much as I do!! =]
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The french commandos had captured the men last week, after a Liberian tanker. The French naval frigate had docked in the Kenyan port of Mombasa that carried 11 Somalis accused of piracy.
This year Somali-based pirates attacked 80 ships and more. They also illegally seized at least 20 c0 that were collecting millions of dollars.S
LINK: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8012339.stm