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Research reflection:
For the past month, we have been researching body systems on our own.

One good thing about doing it this way is that, when we research on something, we learn while reading. :D

One thing I didn't like doing it this way is that, I kind of dislike researching... It's like, you went to a website just to find a simple answer and then you ended up reading this huge lot of article. After you finished reading that article, you found out that it's talking about something else... Plus, we won't know which websites tell the truth. It made happen to be made up! x-( It makes me mad!! Argh!!

I think Mrs. Smith planed it this way in order to make sure we are ready, ready, ready to continue with all the information in our heads. :) Then we'll find it easier to complete our very hard task. It benefits, the way it works, even though it drives people mad! :)

But there's one suggestion I have for Mrs. Smith is...
I mean...there's 2! Here's the other suggestion I have for Mrs. Smith is...
Let me think what it is...

The MAGIC School Bus:

Today in Science we watched the Magic School Bus about the Digestive System (a field trip in Arnold)...

One thing that is not true in the Magic School Bus was: All of us know that when we digest food, it's a bit longer and not in a short time.
I think that, in the large intestine, the waste are suppose to be pushed slowly and slowly into the exit. But it didn't it stayed there. Oh! Another thing... How could Arnold hear the voice coming from his stomach?? ^o)

But there are some that are true! One thing that is true
about that episode was that, every entrance through a different body organ has a valve (whole). And another thing, "Villi does" absorb nutrients and sent them through out the body. :):):):):):)
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According to the researchers, they found out that animals like the African elephants, "do" often die around the age 19. But those in the wild, can live up to about 56 years old!! Why's that?

These elephants at the zoo, suffer from having bad health (may include of over weighted & stressed). Now that elephants are suffering more and more, scientists are telling zoos to halt taking all kinds of elephants from the wild... And! To solve this problem that's now occurring!!

(Picture from "THIS" website) The zoos got the message and told them that they had already tried their
best to help those elephants.

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(Picture from the same website as this article)

Do you like to play with toys? How about when they are all brand new, sparkly, and attractive?? All the time???

It's truly GREAT!!! But! Of course "NOT", when they are covered with drools and played by animals first, is it?? It's like having a special gift that's second-handed!!

Julie Bishop, a cat owner, had this cat – Frankie. This weird 2 year old cat, went from homes to homes in Swindon and taking toys. Julie thinks that her cat doesn't know how or why he did this... Now, she's eager to return those toys to their owners.

Julie said that her at will always come home bringing lots of 'presents' for them... Those presents include numbers of soft toy animals.

Frankie is a weird and naughty cat, but he's also cute in some ways!!

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(Picture from the same link as this article)

Scary, scary!!! Hundreds and hundreds of those that was killed in Zimbabwe, died of a disease – cholera. Chloera is cause by the pollution of dirty water. People use these dirty, polluted water for their daily life. Because there isn't enough clean water for all the people to use, the government is feeling troubled.

Mr Brown said that countries all over the world should come together and work in order to get medicine for the people in Zimbabwe. If the disease carries on, it'll spread into other countries.

Is cholera difficult to cure? Well, it isn't. The problem is that Zimbabwe lack medicine for all those people who are infected.

It's kind of scary... Getting any kind of disease we all can suffer from it. :(

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(Picture from the same link as this article)

Dogs can be jealous too!! Tests were made and carried out in Austria. They experiment with 2 dogs and owners. There are 2 ways and the first one works like this:

Both of the dogs will be rewarded with food if they hold out their paws, allowing their owners to shake them. If 1 dog did, and the other did not, the one with nothing will feel sad.

The second way is that the dogs will be separated they'll do their tasks alone. Then, the dogs will then shake their owner's hand continuously, even though there'll be nothing as a treat...

By doing this experiment, scientists can prove that dogs can sense if they are treated unequally.

Sometimes, it may happen due to the relationship between dogs and their owners.

Dogs get jealous like we do!! We are similar in a lot of ways!!!! :)



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(Picture from "THIS" website)

A new park was set up in Cameroon, an African country. The purpose of this park was to have an area where people protect a critically endangered Cross River gorillas. Right now, there are about 300 of those species of gorillas left in the world and about 115 are living a another National Park, Takamanda.

Why are they endangered? That's because hunters and those who chop down tress, destroyed their habitats. Animal experts believe that in this way of building national parks, it should help these gorillas.


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(Picture from "THIS" website)

Eeewww, snotty puppy noses all slimy and slippery!!! Mentioning about "snot"... why do dogs have them? Oh! There's also another question we always wonder about: why do dogs sniff better than us, humans?

Now, we've got the answer to those questions!! :)

The snot that their noses produce, gives them those awesome sense of smell. Their noses also absorbs molecules quicker than others. That's how they smell and identify things out!! Cool isn't it?? Wish I could have a nose like that too... but I don't want a snotty those though... ¬_¬