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It's almost the end of the school year and we were done with our final for Language Arts. So, our teacher, Mr. Laffin, had decided for us to watch a video. It's called "God's Children".
It is about the people in Philippine that lives at a garbage dump (Smokey Mountain [or something]). It is about a time when that garbage dump had fallen down and buried some alive. Others were left and had to suffer for survival. The problem is that they need money. The garbage is where their money came from. They sold them to earn money for a living. But without it their families would have to starve and resist from certain diseases.

The main food source of those people, are rice. Some may have to struggle with the help of yams they planted. And because they are poor, they could only (at least) afford rice and salt. They also drank unclean water. If you walked around their houses, you'll see that they are mostly made out of metal boards and wood.
I think the main purpose of this video is to show us how lucky we are right now. There are a lot more others that need money. If you can, try and help these people out!! =]
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Original News: http://www.livemint.com/2009/06/11002508/Poverty-in-India-more-than-est.html?h=B

The World Bank suggested on June 10 that the real poverty may raise higher than the estimates. It was already occurring over four states (Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, and Assam).

Study had been made and interviews had also started to happen with families in those villages.
People are know taking actions for helping the poor decrease the number of deaths and illnesses.
This is a short news article? Yeah.... I know =]
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(Picture from "THIS" website)

After reading the book, we decided to watch the movie too. When the movie ended, we started discuss about it. We talked about the similarities and the differences between the book and the movie.
The movie of White Fang is interesting in some ways and yet weird too. What makes it interesting is the order the way they planned the scenes to be at. At the beginning, it started with this boy who wanted to go with two other man and find gold. And at about the same time, a pup was born. Kind of brown and not gray. He, WF, was born in a whole in the ground. There's not much of the information about White Fang's childhood. (There's no sign of the dad, One Eye.)

The characters kind of had different names but about the same role as the original. There's no Weedon Scott and , or Judge Scott. No San Francisco. Some scenes had been skipped and extras are added to make the whole movie smoother. In the book, Beauty Smith doesn't look like that. He's suppose to be REALLY ugly. (Not that I mean he is handsome or something... =P.)
The book contained shtained more description of White Fang's birth. Kiche, the she-wolf, doesn't die! She went to the Indian village with White Fang. There's no Lip-Lip (in the movie) at the camp too! Of course, the book is longer than the movie. =P There are ships!! And there's some description about White Fang's siblings. There's also no scene which White Fang saved the "so-called-Weedon-Scott" from a bear! 0_o
But of all the differences between the book and the movie, there's still some similarities. (Of course, what I said above may not be the only ones. There are more!) They have the same title "WHITE FANG". And yes, Beauty Smith is mean and harmed White Fang. When the "so-called-Weedon-Scott" tried to leave, White Fang jumps out of the window (both in the movie and the book).

Have you read the book or seen the movie? If you have... Which one do you prefer? The "NEW" version or the "ORIGINAL" version?

I GO FOR THE "ORIGINAL" version.... YEAH!! =]
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Okay everybody! This is the book reflection post! We read a book called "White Fang" during our Language Arts class....

This is the cover of our book.

For a quick summary of White Fang (if you haven't read it and is interested in reading), you can go to SparkNotes.

After reading this book, there's some reflecting to do~~
Questions...? Ready? Begin!!

1) Did you like the book?
It was OKAY... =]

2) Why or why not?
I don't really LOVE this book... But it's 'cool' for me... I like dogs, but I just don't like to read 'dog' books... (WOLVES~~?)... Yeah. Weird me, right? >0<

3) Would you suggest someone to read the book?
I would suggest this book to those who likes to read:
- Adventurous
- About Animal (dogs and wolves)
- About Fighting
- About the WILD and Nature
- About a kinda of 'real-life' story.
- About 'something's' live story.
- And those who just loves to read books!~ =]

4) Why or why not?
It's like a hobby. You can carry it with you and read everywhere (almost, under certain circumstances... lol) =]

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I perched on the top of the trees and looked down to the western shores of Hudson Bay. There, a few campers had settled down. All the time, I've been watching them with my keen eyes. They ate, laughed, and told jokes together. But the last part, which made me set out my moves, was when they left the campfire, and got into their tents. They had gone to bed early because during the next early morning, they would be fishing out in the lake.

I calculated the right moment and make sure nobody is truly awake, before I flew down to their campsite. The campfire was still burning brightly. I hopped around the log seats, trying to find scraps of food they've left. I found some pieces of fish and some bread crumbs. My tummy grumbled. It's still not enough.

Just as I was feeling sad of hunger, I felt a faint breeze of warmth. A warmth of hope? I quickly turned my head towards where it came from. A tent. The breeze came from one of the tents. The human inside must have forgot to zip the opening. Muahahaha!! Carefully, I stepped inside and onto the soft blankets. Aha! There, in the hands of one of them, lay a bag of opened crackers!! My dinner today was some fish, bread crumbs, and a bag of crackers. =]

When the sun was about to rise, the campers had set out to their canoes. Acting innocent, I landed on the bow of one of the canoes. My plan for today is to steal whatever that's edible and good tasting.

A man crouched down near the shore and began to wash some tools with soap. I flew down beside him and silently took the soap away. I wonder what this taste like..! After a small peck of my beak, I jerked back screaming "Ca-ca-ca!". It's disgusting and unnatural.

My call had echoed within the mountains and sounded like a signal to all other birds of my kind. From far away, I saw a flock of them, flying to where I am now. And plus, the campers had noticed me. They are now going to keep an eye on me, for they now what I am and what I'll do...

But the flock had suddenly changed their directions! Maybe it's just a coincidence that they came! Right now, the campers are setting traps and putting out baits. I stared at the baits for a long time and had finally decided. I'm going to steal it for my breakfast. Within minutes, I had damaged some trappers and took out 4 of the baits. The campers were so pissed off, they tried to use a stick and hunt me down. It seems like they have made a lot of effort making the traps.

After a few hours, they caught a great black duck. Then, the slaughtered it and laid it out to dry. Oops! They had forgot me, the stealer!!! When all of their backs turned the opposite directions, I skipped down from the bow and began munching away the entire breast of the duck. Today was pretty lucky, I thought.

The following catch was great! They caught a beaver and had it skinned. They left the beaver at the same place where they've put the duck. Right then, they noticed the missing part of the duck and looked my way. There I was again, trying to steal. Again, they tried to hit me and capture me with the net. Their faces seemed as hungry as me!

Unfortunately, for them, I flew off back onto the same tree I perched on when I arrived here. I guess I will just need to fly off, looking for insects, spiders, berries, and other small animals to feed on...
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In Language Arts, we read a book called "Holes".

It's a story about a boy that had been cursed to have bad lucks. He was captured due to the crime of stealing shoes and was sent to Camp Green Lake. If you go to Camp Green Lake, all you do is to dig holes. Why they are to dig holes? It's not to turn them into good boys, but like slaves that are needed to find a treasure. What happens then?

It's a very good book. Me, myself, dislike reading... hehe... But this book is interesting for all of us to read. Read and enjoy as much as I do!! =]
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The french commandos had captured the men last week, after a Liberian tanker. The French naval frigate had docked in the Kenyan port of Mombasa that carried 11 Somalis accused of piracy.
This year Somali-based pirates attacked 80 ships and more. They also illegally seized at least 20 c0 that were collecting millions of dollars.S
LINK: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8012339.stm
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AGAIN... This is not my original country I am suppose to be doing. I've found this article and thought I'd share. It's short, ok~~?
The Kenya's president had promised to punish the people that was involved with the outbreak of violence; which lead 29 people dead in the central town on Monday. The police say that local residents had decided to fight the 60 suspected members of Mungiki (banned) that had threatened them for money.

LINK: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8012974.stm
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FUFUF! Today is EArth Day!!
So, here are some steps you could do today~

- Take a FAST shower.
- Ride Bikes
- No air conditioner
- Don't flush the toilet a lot (this is kinda stupid...)
- Walk to school
- Turn off lights.
- Use day lights to work.
- Use rechargable batteries.
- Don't use a lot of hot water.
- Buy organic foods.
- Don't waste materials.
- Recycle.
- Plant trees.
- Don't litter.
- But products with less packages

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I found this news article quite interesting so I've desided to share this rather than the news of my country — Sudan.
BY: DUNNO WHO... > <

TIME: APRIL 12, 2009
WHERE: Somalia
Pirates have gradually attacked ships off Somalia's (a country in Africa) coast. They capture some and damaged some. The pirates would usually force the preys to give them money, then free them.

The pirates then took the American captain, Richard Phillips and held hostage in at a life boat.
Currently, the American navy is trying to get him out.

Although the American navy tried to save him, they say that 4 pirates fired at them in order to prevent them from coming closer.

They couldn't get Captain Phillip to land safely, but the rest of his crews are. His crews said that the reason they were safe was because their captain had risked his life for all of his crews.

LINK: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_7990000/newsid_7995700/7995705.stm
Picture LINK: http://www.examiner.com/x-6953-Newark-World-News-Examiner~y2009m4d12-US-Captain-rescued-Somali-pirates-shot-dead
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We read two African Stories in our Humanities class. Just press the title of the stories below, and it'll bring you to the websites. What I am sharing, explains a short summary of the story.

The Three Tests: A Swahili Tale of Choices

In this story, it tells about Prince Sadaka finding his other brothers for fathers. Their father missed the missing sons but was too old to sail across the Indian Ocean.

On the way there, he met some friends — living creatures (not humans — animals & spirits). He helped them by feeding and accompany them.

Prince Sadaka got to the island of Pemba and saw boats in the harbor. He knew the sultan of Pemba was very bad tempered. Sadaka had no choice, but ask the old man. He replied by requesting if Sadaka could pass his three tests.

With the help of the animals & spirits he helped, he was able to pass all of the tests.
Basically, this story explains to us that they believe in having conversations with creatures and getting their helps.
Fafi's Sheep

This is a story about a boy and his dream of having a sheep like
all the others. One day he got one from his parents and was so very happy. He rode on it, not knowing the sheep was uncomfortable with it. The sheep ran away from him and landed at a garden. The owner of the garden founds out and beat the boy up. Luckily, he was able to run away, still chasing the sheep. Troubles were followed as he continued to chance it. Suddenly, the sheep went and joined the other sheep ahead. How can he find his sheep within so many that looked the same?? To find out... read it!! ^ ^
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My Photo Journal — Wednesday:

This is where I live. The red-brownish apartment. I usually wake up at around 7:15. That's because I live in Jubei and if I need to get to school on time, I will need to wake up early.


During 7:15 to 7:45, I would eat my breakfast with my family. But sometimes, we would eat in the car. Here you can see my mom driving us to school...



This is my school: Hsinchu International School. This is where I study as a seven grader.



Before my actual first class, I go to "Advisory". This is when all of the seven graders gather up before class. Today is A Day on Thursday. During the A Days, we study Science, Wellness, Independent Learning, and Language Arts.
But on B Days, we have Humanities, Math, Creative Writing, and Music.

(This picture was taken during Language Arts)

And then LUNCH! Yeah!!!

After lunch, I can't just sit right back to my seat. So, I gave a little walk with my friends.



After school, some of the HIS students would go outside and have fun socializing. They would go out to 7-11 or out to the court and play basketball.

(This is 2 of the girls in my class: Stephaine (left) and Sandra (right). Crazy, aren't they?)


Yep, then it's after school! Together, my cousin, my brother, and I went aboard on our car.
On Wednesday, we did not just going straight home, but to somewhere else. To soccer!!! Yeah! I love playing soccer!!
This is our class~~ Last Year... =]

It's been tiring and hot after all the running and kicking. Let's go home!!!!

Of all the exercising, we will feel hungry~ Sometimes we would go home, and sometimes we will eat the things Mom bought at the mall.

Yeah. You know what's next? Homework!!!
Usually, after doing my homework, I would go down stairs and have fun on the tambourine.



Kids in Africa live a different live then us. They lives are poorer and have less technology so, their lives are difficult. Rural Life...

Even though their environment is different then ours, they do a lot of what we also do now. They enjoy exercising like skipping ropes, baseball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and having fun playing the drums. They also enjoy Drama Club Play (dance, songs, acting).

In some homes today, we have helpers to clean the house for families. But in Africa, they don't really have enough money. So, they did all the chores by themselves. They watered the garden with bare feet, harvesting crops like corn, yams, and cassava. Did house chores like, sweeping with the prayier (a broom mad of grassy reeds) & other cleanings, washing clothes & hanging them out under the sun to dry, and all other kinds. When they wash their clothes, few have washing machines and were mostly done with their own hands. Sometimes they must wash clothes at community springs. They don't have water pipes, so that's why they have central drinking fountain for water. It works by using a card or pay for water. Most of the kids of the families would get up early to collect water.

Painters use colorants (chemicals?) instead of natural materials from NATURE.
Their houses are made out of mud-bricks and corrugated steel siding. The buildings that most of us live in are usually made of cement. Plus, some Africans don't have electricity for lights, so the have to use oil lamps instead.

Their food includes "Kenkey", a kind of corn dumpling that's steamed. It could be added with all kinds of tasty spices. They have snacks just like we do. We, unlike them, go to little shops and buy "already-made" food from like, Seven-Eleven. Whereas they have to use outdoor cook stoves to make traditional treats. Some kids cook their own food and live in boarding schools.

There are no high rises or sidewalks, usually. Most of the areas are grassy, don't have too many hills or trees, little water, and are like dry savannas.

Because they are poor (some), most of them are farmers. They use terraces to grow crops (bananas, corn, onions). Then, use cows for lawn cut. They have lettuce fields and use a special kind of vegetable (kachumbari) to make special salads (nyamachoma) served with roasted meat dish. They use "arrowroots" (crop) in sauces or cookies. Most of the people there, shop at second-handed shops, and have grocery stnds. There's not too many shops.

One important thing that I've noticed about them, is that they help each other in hard circumstances. =]


Although your living conditions could be harsh, there's some things we, can't do. There's almost no places for us to run freely like you do. Staying outdoors instead of getting trapped inside the houses. Breathing less polluted air. There's maybe a lot more of things you guys could do and we couldn't. Just think, you are sometimes more fortunate then we are.
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Like the previous blog post, this is also about Tanzania... =]


The police of Tanzania suspected that the train crash was caused for stealing the petroleum from the tanks.

The driver, the station master, plus seven people had been arrested. It was thought to have caused 15 deaths.

((I guess the police is still figuring it out... Not a lot o information, really... For more info, go to the link below.))

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7972019.stm
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At least eleven people were dead after the fall of the gold mine of north-western Tanzania. Those miners used hand tools to dig at a depth of about 140 meters. Something happened and all those 11 miners were trapped inside the pit at the town of Geita.

Geita was attracted by many miners because of the gold that was discovered there in the early 1900s. But the correspondents say that the prospectors' activities are highly unregulated, resulting in dangerous practices.


Who: 11 miners
When: Saturday
Where: Geira
What: Got buried.
Why: There's gold there and the activities causes dangerous issues...

((Common News, I think))

Link for the picture and the news article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7971910.stm
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1. WHO must be jailed?
2. Why does she need to be arrested?

These are the TWO questions that you are going to find out!!
1. Who must be jailed?
An actress star of "Nollywood" and a former beauty queen... **Note: Not sure if it's "Nollywood" or "Hollywood"... Maybe, "Jollywood"? lol

2. Why does she need to be arrested?
People say tat she killed Dr. Giwa Suraji during a car crash on one of Lagos' highway.

Ibinabo Fiberesima the lady, tried to searched her files, and used her wealth and the connections to avoid jail. The magistrate said that she could either choose to go to jail or pay a 100,000 naira ($678, £467) instead.

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7954582.stm
Picture link: http://gnaija.ning.com/profiles/blogs/nigeria-news-justice-deborah
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There has been floods in Namibia. The flood had caused food shortage. It had damaged fields of crops, houses, schools, roads, and health centers have been destroyed. The rising of the waters brought crocodiles and hippos in. And now, they are swimming in the waters finding people to kill. The flood had killed at least 90 people.

Although the rain had stopped, the great damaged caused thousands of people to wait some times before they could all return home.

Namibia’s President, Hifikepunye Pohanba, declared the emergency in the six northern districts. He also called the international community. There’s this problem. the aid workers fear that the floods may carry diseases like cholera and malaria.

I wonder when all those people would be able to get home or settle in another place.

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7952422.stm
Picture link: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2007-08/06/content_6482007_2.htm
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At first, we did our borders due to the mountains and the rivers. But after we've done so much work on the drawings... I found the importance of the social group relationships... But, instead of turning back, we wanted to continue...

If we could turn back, I would look closer and observe the social group relationships. And then decide where I should put the boundaries?

You see, we did this:
- put the borders without knowing what we were doing. (For an easy start)
- Figure out the rest...

Perhaps, it's not a strong country?
☆ Serena ☆
1. If you lived in part of Kenbrena where you did not have energy resources, what could you do to survive?

I could maybe depend on the others or move to another place to live.

2. "To have a strong country, it is best to have only rich people with financial control." Support or refute that statement.

Not really, I refute. I think even though people may be poor, they may have smart brains!

Therefore, if the government gave him/she a chance, then they could work with others and build up a strong country.

3. "People of different levels of wealth may not love one another, bu they might need each other." Support or refute that statement.

Sometimes it's true and sometimes not. Of course, we all need each other. But, "People of different levels of wealth may not love one another..." can change. If they think they are good to be with them, then it's a yes. If they love one another no matter what, then it's a no!
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In humanities class, we studied about a fictional piece of land named Kenbrena.

Here are two questions:
1. What are some possible reasons for some groups in Kenbrena to be friendly to each other while other groups do not get along?

Here's what I think:


Maybe the people from each tribes, depend on each other. They trade goods and get the resources they need to survive. People can also make friends due to some similarities they have in common. Therefore, each tribe would form a friendly connection.

- Cultures (Religious beliefs & languages)
- Laws
- Land (Geographical features)
- Thinking
- Political views
- Class (levels)
- Population
- Jobs & economy

It's kinda like the "black & white" people issue back then.

2. Is there a social group above that makes you think of yourself or your family?

I think we are kinda like the Social Group 6: Franklos, the get along part... :) But I don't think the rest are "totally" the same. :)

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The question is this:
When Alfred Wegener proposed his Continental Drift Hypothesis, he was not believed partially because he was not a trained geologist. He was actually trained in meteorology. Do you think the scientists were fair when they poinetd out?

Well, I think that it's not fair for Alfred Wegener. Although he was not actually trained in meteorology, he had done researches about the Continental Drift. He found many evidences.
Now, scientists today considered "Continental Drift" as how the continents was formed.

Probably, those who believe in the "baked apple" theory, were just trying to find excuses. Maybe they felt embarrassed? Hah~

To see more about with the Continental Drift, click HERE.
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Who attacked who? ¬0¬ ??? A Chimp named Santino attacked human!! How? He was found collecting and storing stones for missiles later on. He was a chimp in Furuvik Zoo, north of Stockholm. Now we know that animals have the ability to make plans for their futures. It made zoo visitors annoyed.

People had began to study and research about this amazing discovery... Dr. Osvath said they they've made studies and it really did show it was true. Although some argued that it was an experimental artifact.

To read more of the reasearch Dr. Osvath had found, go to the following link.

I think chimps and other types of monkeys are like us. They can be smart. They may plan for their future. Is it just their natural behaviors or an instinct? Cool~ B-)

(Picture from "THIS" link which also contains about the same news article)

Link to this article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7928996.stm
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Bad news! Bad news for those who are into watching music videos on "Youtube"! Sad to say this, the site the Google company had decided to block all of them (the official ones too!). They think that the it would cost a lot of money if they are to stay online. Recently, on Monday at about 6pm, people from UK were complaining about finding themselves unable to watch their favorite videos.

If they do changed their minds, they won't be free anymore. "It has to pay an organization called PRS for Music a fee", said CBBC news. Prices of having music videos online, have been put up and it's too expensive.

PS: I've went to Youtube and searched for a music video... And guess what?!? It's not blocked or banned. Maybe just the people in UK and not Taiwan??? Yeah!!

Link to the original article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_7930000/newsid_7933400/7933441.stm

Picture link, this link also include related article... Check it out!
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This is NOT really what I'm gonna do, take a note of THAT!
I will still, probably, have a normal life. No matter how much money I will get.

Journal: March 5, 2009

Dear My Living Diary,

School days are just the same as usual. We got a lot of homework assignments. They include: a letter to Alfred Wegener (Science), a physical fitness presentation (wellness), and a diary if I won a lot of money (Language Arts). Recently, in Language Arts class we read a book called "The Pearl", and it lead to the thinking of "Money". So, Mr. Laffin gave us an assignment to do. The topic is: What will you do if you've won a lot of money? Write a 5 day diary. That's what I'm doing now, writing the diary... I couldn't think of what to write. **Thinking... Ummm...
Wait...!! Sorry, I got a phone call from someone... :O

I'm back! You know what? The person in the phone said that I’ve won a hundred thousand billion Euros! Oh my gosh! At first, I didn't believe what he was saying... I'm like, "What's wrong with this person...???!!???" Isn’t this perfect and so exciting? A HUNDRED THOUSAND BILLION “EUROS”!! That’s like “A LOT” of money!!! I can’t believed I’ve became the chosen one!! I couldn’t really explain it in clear details but umm... I’m so hyper today! It’s really "GREAT NEWS"!!! What could I do with all those money? I could buy all the things I wanted. I could decorate my room. I could do whatever I want!!! I’m going crazy~ !! This is like the best day of my life!^_^!!! Hooray! >< alt="<3" src="http://sc.webmessenger.msn.com/10.1.0323.0/session/images/emoticons/heart.gif" style="vertical-align: bottom;"> the world!! LOL~ :] ** But of course... I'm just a kid... :(

Haha~ Now, this assignment is going to be really easy!! LOL ~ Gotta go sleep! Bye bye, "Living Diary"~ Nice dreams to you too~
Journal: March 6, 2009

Dear My Living Diary,

It's Spring dance today! I wanted to go! But I couldn't... :'( I dunno what made me feel so down... I wanted to have fun with my friends... To relax my feelings, I went shopping at 5 different malls... Hehe~ Guess what? I just bought a new stero, a TV, a new white desk, some cushions (like the bean bags), a big wardrobe (A wardrobe isn’t even enough! I bought a lot, and I meant “A LOT” of clothes!! LUV IT ALL~ Hahaah~), and wall papers for my room. Isn't that great?? Haha~ Since I love shinny accessories.... =P YEP~~ I bought a lot, like 400 types of accessories. I LUV to shop!! Teheheh~

Sorry gotta go eat dinner!.....................

Hello! I'm back! My family and I went and ate at a very high-classed restaurant! It’s wonderful and delicious. I know, I’m being a bit too exaggerated~~ Hahah~ I am!
Tomorrow, my parents are going to Switzerland to save some of my money in the bank... I'm still too young to do "bank" businesses... =[
Journal: March 7, 2009

Dear My Living Diary,

Today is Saturday. I was tired because I went shopping all last night. I slept late and woke at 12:00 in the afternoon. I've basically got all I wanted to get. Since my parents are at home, I decided to invite my friends over and have a "eXtreme" party~~ Maybe a "stay-over-night" party? Hope they could arrive here early....
Sorry.... I think they've just arrived at the front door!
Oooh~ I'm so tired. I drank half a bottle of ice tea and shared a bag of popcorn with my friends... =]

Our schedule was like this:
- Tour around my house.
I took them to my room and they went and put their stuffs. - Go shopping and watch movie at theater.
Bought another lot and watched a movie we voted. - Eat Dinner
Ate dinner together at "Chile" and ate ice creams. :P - ♬♪Sing Karaoke~~ ♬♪
Everybody sang... - Go home
We're of course, tired... - Play Games
Played some card / board games. - Chat and Sleep ★☆
Chatted about school and their hobbies.

I hope that they'll feel comfortable here. =]

PS: I only told my best friend about what great "luck" I was in.
Journal: March 8, 2009

Dear My Living Diary,

What a Sunday! It started "sunny" and then it went all cold and wet... :( I didn't want to be in the house all day. So, I went out to a book store and bought "arts & crafts" books to experience at home. At least I could go out for a while then come back... =] I also went to the bakery store and bought some "goodies" to savor. Just at the corner of the bakery, I met a person. He asked me for some charity fund and I said "OK". To keep my life simple, I went to the bakery store almost everyday. And I would meet the fun raiser again. He would nag me and follow me until I said "yes". So, I changed to the 7-11 just across the street for food supplies. :P I also went to the mall and bought some hats and some sunglasses. Just in case I do go to the bakery for some reason, I could change my appearance. Like wearing a different cap, have different hair styles, different clothing (sloppy ones and formal ones~ LOL), and different sunglasses. Haha~ My drama show is about to begin, or should I say "already began"?

Journal: March 9, 2009

Dear Diary,

Somehow, the plan that I told you yesterday, didn't work. He knew my adress and kind of like waited for me there... * ..... *

Plus, about all my neighbors had came and used a polite way of helping them pay certain bills.. *.....*

I called my best friend today and hoped that she would keep it a secret in school in case it did... I was becoming very nervous... To make me feel better a little bit, I took some paper and began to sketch and draw. I drew some scenes that might happen in the future when everyone knows the story...

Today, there's nothing much more to say except the anger and the nervous feeling that began to overwhelm in me...

Night night... Diary....

Journal: March 10, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today I went to school and searched for my best friend... She wasn't there... Why? Nobody know... Just then, when I was in the bathroom... I heard whispers: "Will anyone find out?" / "I don't know! Why always ask me?" / "Because, you was the one who had this plan!" / "Geez~ Relax! No ones gonna find out!" / "Really?" / "Yeah, I promice..." / "She won't find out will she?" / "Who... won't?" / "Serena. I suppose she would find out..." / "Nah~ You got too much imaginations!" / "You know, she is her best friend. I really felt sorry for her..." / "Don't be! She deserves it!" / "But not *DEATH*!" / "Shush! I think there's someone out there, listening!"

The word "death" starttled me... What do they mean? My best friend died because of.... what?

And that's why I didn't hear everything... What's happening with her, my best friend? I could clearly hear who the voice was... the school's "BIGGEST BULLY"... Probably the "WORLDS MEANEST BULLY EVER LIVED!"

Now, I know that something happened and she was like forced to speak of the truth. She didn't and they've killed her. But what was she not wanting to speak of?MY "LUCKY" story!!!! Well, now, it's not a happy ending but a tragical ending...

I wish I could use money to pay back what I've lost. I miss her so much! My tears couldn't possibly stop of what she did and gave my a secured feeling...

I COULD ONLY CRY WITH SORROW: "PLEASE! PLEASE! DO REVERSE BACK TO OUR HAPPY TIMES TOGETHER!"________________________________________________________________



☆ Serena ☆

Is the attributes of a person that are productive in some economic context.
Human capital provides human resources that we create. It helps us be productive.

Examples could be telephones. Because they are created by human (by their knowledge). People today use telephones at home and cellphones when they are outside. People rely on it to communicate through businesses, meetings, gatherings, party, and many other usages. As time passes, we will soon create a new type of phone. The newer, people would want to buy and the companies could earn money.

Another example would automobiles. Cars make life more efficient. They protect us from bits of stones that may jump up and attack. They appear to be safe. Cars also keep us warm in cold days and cool in hot days. Families could listen (musci/radios) or watch tv inside the cars.

Telephone picture
Car picture


It's the money used for businesses. Those money for the businesses are used to buy their materials that they need. Get it? Ok, maybe you didn't, but...

Like McDonald, for an example... They may use the money they've earn to buy more food products they need, to make more tasty ones. By doing it this way, you would be able to earn more money.

McDonald picture

It includes minerals and resources in the nature...
These are the sources to make us weathly.
They could be sold with high prices. Energy sources count as one too~ As we began to use them a lot for machines... They are becoming fewer and fewer. So then, the prices would go up. Therefore, people that work for the energy resources would rean money... :)
☆ Serena ☆


What is geography?
Geography is not just about landscapes, mountains, climate, rivers, people, socializing, economics, environment, plants, animals, and the study of the world around us. If you look deeper and define what geography really is, you can say that it's divided into groups.

Physical Geography
The study of earth science, which includes the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, pedosphere, plants, and animals.

Human Geography
Includes the studies of economics, culture, political perspectives, cities, communities, government, religion, languages, socializing, and human history.

Environment Geography
Basically the study of technological changes and political ecology.

Regional Geography
History, is what regional geography studies about.
National Standards and Geographical Skills
There are 18 contents of “National Standards” that are divided into 6 essential elements...

1. The World in Spatial Terms
It involves using maps and other kinds of materials to understand the spatial dimensions of our world.

2. Places and Regions
This is a concept whenever we look at particular places. Combining them into regions, help us understand the complexity of Earth's surface.

3. Physical Systems
This is to understand how physical system work in the natural environment.

4. Human Systems
Population ~ who does people interact with one another.

5. Environment and Society
How society had adapted to different environments and the changes they made.

6. The Uses of Geography
To interpret the past and the plan to predict the future.
"Geographical Skills"
Asking geographical questions. The current distribution of religion~
THEME 1: Location

Where am I right now?? Today has been a tiring homework day and I would like to relax with my family. So, can you guess where I am right now? When you're about to reach this relaxing store, you'll often hear jazz music and the scent of "coffee beans" would swirl into your nose. That's where I am, writing this blog.... "STARBUCKS" is the answer. I've wrote a blog about this before on the location where it is. I'll just kinda summarize where this "STARBUCKS" store is.

(Click on the picture to get a better view)

My house is at Wen-Yi Street, Jubei (the little yellow house symbol). And STARBUCKS is at on Guangming 1st Road. Like about the 3rd block from my house~

You will be able to see constructions of houses, stores (Japanese Restaurant /Steak Houses/Coffee Shops/ Accessories Store / Banks / Parking lots), plants of different kinds, and gardens of weeds and vegetables.

Right at the corner, there would be a STARBUCKS. You could hear music (jazz) and smell the coffee beans. Most of the time, a lot of the people would come and relax. But as it grew darker, they began to leave. There was once when we went there from morning to night. LOL That was long~~
Latitude: 24°49'51.32"N
Longitude: 121° 0'45.23"E
THEME 2: Place

When describing a place, we my define it into 3 parts: human, physical, and cultural.

With the "human" part, it's often described, like, the political and the structures of somewhere.

When you describe a place using the "physical" part, you often observe the land and water around a certain place. Kind of like the "physical properties" of a place.

By using the "cultural" way of describing a place, we'll relate to the...
"human & geography interaction and features in a spatial context." — Mr. C

It can also mean by using the maps in our brains to guide someone to the destination.
THEME 3: Human-Environment Interactions
(Picture from "THIS" link)

The question we are dealing with "human-environment interaction" is:
How do humans adapt to and / or change the environment?

Well, humans adapt to their environment by changing how things are really suppose to be.
We cut down rain forest, build roads & buildings & bridges, use earth's natural resources to make our livings better.

*Cutting down forest — deforestation
- Can destroy animal habitats, extinction may occur, cause land slides, and most importantly,will cause global warming.

* Building & Constructing
- Houses & Shops
∆ For shelter, food, products, and books (knowledge).
- Bridges & roads
∆ For us to travel faster and easier = shortcuts...

We depend on the environment for the resources they produce:
* Natural Resources
We use natural resources that includes: oils, and coal.
- We make daily products out of them.
- We need them to power up our cars and other inventions.
∆ They are starting to get rare...

*Ocean & Deserts & Valleys & Caves & Mountains & Waterfalls & Plains & Rain Forests & etc...

THEME 4: Movement

Movement affects your daily lives, but how? What items are being moved that you interact with on a regular basis?

Time travels from seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, and century. Although you think, that's a lot of time and you don't even need to quicken your steps to make life more meaningful, you're wrong. Time doesn't wait for us, not even under the Kings' and Queens' commands. Use your time wisely and use the best of it!

As I said, they will run out quickly, we may take shortcuts to the destiny we are heading to. And take faster transportation like the High Speed Railroad (HSR). Transportation in technology helped us all a lot. Transportation made our life easier and faster.


----When you are running out of battery (energy) for your computer or any other tools you use for daily life, you may get up and find the charger. Or, you'll go to stores to buy some batteries. Also, when your car has no fuel, what do you do? When there's a "almost-no-gas" signal, we will drive to the nearest gas station for some gasoline.




Constructions can block your original path. So then you'll have to change your movements.

- Building Constructions

- Road Constructions


Family members may effect the movement you will make. There may be arguements due to the places each of them wanted to go. There will be agreements and disagreements. They may effect your thinking too.


Ideas and your decisions can change the way you'll go and the movement you'll take.

Your ideas may depend on your surroundings.

You could tell your ideas to someone. Then they may come up with a better one. On and on it'll pass... At last, you'll come up with the best / perfect idea ever.


When the weather is "cold & dark", people won't want to go outside. They will rather stay at home. Be warm. Drink coffee / hot chocolate. Watch TV / movies. Sleep. Play board games. Play / work on computers. Have a feast. And do everything that people would be able to do indoors.



When the weather is "warm & sunny", people will want to go outside. They will be able to do lots of activities. Climb mountains, do some sports, go on vacations (have fun), take a job / walk / ride bikes, eat ice cream / cold drinks, and any other events that people think of while the weather is good and cozy.





Disease may come upon people. When they got sick they will go to the doctor / clinics / hospitals for some medicines. (Disease travel from people, places, and the things we touch).


Hunger often occur. When you walked to a shop, of the food you crave for, you may stop there and buy food. Sometimes what you feel aren't "real" hungers. When you see certain food, you may appear unable to stop thinking about it.


What if you ran out of money??? Where would you go? You may either go to the bank or go home. The movement of money travel from buying products, fees, and other payments. From each person's hand, it traveled. It may also carry diseases...

THEME 5: Region

What is the differences between a "formal"/ "functional" / "Perceptual" description of a region.

In simple words : like a city or a town.
In more words: It's like a set of related numbers and uniform characteristics.
Involves: Human characteristics & Culture or a common land & Vegetation
(Political) Formal regions = countries, cities, and states or physical regions.

In simple words: like a suburb or a city.
In more words: Functions and purposes usually with central point with its support.

In simple words: a place without any boundaries that different people have different memories about and different perceptions.
In more words: Different views and perceptions of the characteristics a region may have.
Involves: Mental maps with different borders that depends on individual perceptions.

☆ Serena ☆
Interviewer: Interviewer 985
To: Serena Ting (Haha~ Just a creative way of writing the blog)
PART I... And... ACTION!!

Me, the interviewer: Hello! This is interviewer 985... And you're...?
Serena: Oh! Hi~ Serena Ting in Grade 7, HIS.
Me, the interviewer: Can you please tell me what's happening now?
Serena: Well, I'll tell you what happened when this first occurred...

"What's wrong? Why is everyone running and screaming their heads off?"I asked with confusion.
"What happened?" I asked...
"China is attacking us with blobs of chocololate!" yelled someone.

I scanned through the crowd for Mrs. Smith. "Hurry Grade 7s, get into your groups! We gotta make a huge boat enough to carry ALL the students of HIS!" yelled Mrs. Smith at the basketball court.
"But how?" all of us asked.
"Umm... Ah-huh! PAPER!!! We will use paper to make our boats!" exclaimed Mrs. Smith in a desperate tone.
"Paper?" I asked with a weird expression.
"Yes! We only have three paper to build with..." answered Mrs. Smith.
"Anything else?" someone questioned beside me.
"3 Straws and 2 strings of tape" said our teacher excitedly, yet filled with worry.
"Ok... I guess that's the only way out..." I rolled my eyes. (XP)
Me, the interviewer: Thanks for the wonderful explanation.
Serena: You're welcome... =]
PART II... And... ACTION!!

Me, the interviewer: Umm... What were you doing after the warning?
Serena: I started to brainstorm with my group on what we could do. My group members are Cherine and Sandra. ^^
Me, the interviewer: OK, I guess they are nice friends, that is, your partners. Tell me more about your designs about the boat, please...
Serena: Oh yeah, that! I was thinking at the moment, like:
Should we do this kind? The one we see a lot. I could imagine our boat sailing into the deep blue with all of the HIS student. Can this one hold a lot? Ummm.... Maybe not. :(

How about this? Probably not, I think it will sink easily and it's small. (Just an example below on the boat we were thinking of...) XP

If not these two... This one maybe? Ooooh~ Stunning!! But it looks like it's gonna sink soon. I have a feeling that it may leak water easily... :( Nope...

What else can we have?? Ah! I know... ^^

I got this idea where I think would work.
Me, the interviewer: Oh great! So what's your idea, may I ask?
Serena: Sure~ Interviewer 985, have you ever seen paper-made trash containers?
Me, the interviewer: Umm... No, I don't think so... (This is getting exciting!!)
Serena: I got the idea by trash containers, can you imagine that??
Me, the interviewer: Definitely not!
Serena: Haha~ I know. It sort of look like this (the container), but not exactly.

Me, the interviewer: Oh! Those kind! I use to make those too~ Nice to hear and recall my memories!
Serena: We made it so that the main body of the boat is perfect, probably...
Me, the interviewer: Yeah, and?
Serena: Here comes the straws part... Hahah... We could cut them in half and stick them to the bottom of the boat. That way, it may make it float (a bit).
Me, the interviewer: So, you didn't use the tape?
Serena: Yeah, kinda~ We still have some tape left... Umm... Then we came out with the word "water-proof".
Me, the interviewer: Haha~ Great idea, 'water-proof '. So you thought that way, it'll be harder for it to sink?
Serena: That's kinda what I thought... Ha~
Me, the interviewer: So, is this the last step?
Serena: No, not quite. We made a sign with the words: "Escape from the Chocolate Attack! Save the HIS students." I don't think we should add "faculties" too... Nah~ Don't need... No teachers! Joking...
Me, the interviewer: Haha~ That's very thoughtful..
Serena: Yeah! I know, isn't it great? Ha~ Yeah, it's like that. You know, after that step, we're done. I'm like, "Hooray! We're done. We are ready to test it!" Yeah...
Me, the interviewer: I totally understand your feelings.
Serena: Thanks?!? Ha~ All of us, the grade sevens went down to the "moat" to test it, afterward.
Me, the interviewer: So did it work?
Serena: Wait! Don't be impatient... haha~
Me, the interviewer: OK, OK... If you have more...
Serena: Here are the groups:
First group: Patrick, Andrew, and Chris.
Second group: Annchi, Stephanie, and Jazzy.
Thrid group (us!) : Sandra, Cherine and me~~
Fourth group: Jasmine, Tung Erh, and Peter.

Back to your question... We didn't win though... But we made it through 29... Just a tiny little bit to reach the first.
Me, the interviewer: How many did the first winner put in?
Serena: I think it was 31.
Me, the interviewer: I see... So you guys are at the second pace?
Serena: You caught that! Exactly...

Me, the interviewer: Now that you've told us the basic information on this event... Let me ask you a few questions, OK?
Serena: Absolutely.
Me, the interviewer: The first question is... What is "isolating the variable"?
Serena: It means that you eliminate all the differences between to experiments (or as many as you can) except for one... so then you know the difference in results is caused by a certain change you made. That's what Mrs. Smith told us...
Me, the interviewer: Nice explanation, I should say. Ummm... then, how did the activity isolate design as the variable?
Serena: Hmmm.... Isolating... Some of the variables were the materials. Like we were only allowed to use 3 pieces of paper, three straws, and 3 meter tape.
Me, the interviewer: Yeah... I think you sort of mentioned that.
Serena: Yeah, I did... The amount of time was also another thing. And the water volume of whater... Wait, does that count...
Me, the interviewer: Maybe it does. =P
Serena: Ok~ Ha~ Yeah, I think that's about it.
Me, the interviewer: Alright. Can you tell me basically what things you did to keep the same... so that at the end you could say that only the design was being tested?
Serena: We made sure that the straws underneath the boat was about the same and that the base of the boat was totall covered by tape.
Me, the interviewer: Interesting... What variables were not controlled? Explain it well, I'm sure we all want to here... =]
Serena: While we tested the boats, I noticed that the weight was not balanced.
Me, the interviewer: So, the boat was tilting at one side?
Serena: Yeah, that's what I meant. And I think adding the little flag coudl affect the balance.
Me, the iterviewer: Uh huh...
Serena: Yep... And also, Mrs. Smith didn't limit our imaginations too!
Me, the interviewer: That's good. I was wondering if the height and the width matters or not, to this experiment...
Serena: Maybe it does. Haha~
Me, the interviewer: Ha~ I got that joke...
Serena: Yeah... You're suppose to...
Me, the interviewer: But did this affect the outcome?
Serena: Yeah.... Think so... It made the boat unbalanced, sadly...
Someone #1: AHHH!!!!
Me, te interviewer: What's that that I heard?
Serena: Oh yeah! The chocolate is still going on! I forgot about it...
Someone #2: OKOK.... We gotta be quick before we're all covered in chocolate. "Hurry!! The chocolate are about to destroy us. They look like soildiers on cookie-shaped UFO!! Quick! Before more comes...
Me, the interviewer: Whose that again?
Serena: She's are school's principal, Mrs. Lines.
Me, the interviewer: Nice, Cool~
Serena: Sorry. Gotta go!
Me, the interviewer: OK! Thanks for your explanations!
Serena: Yeah~ You're welcome! Bye...

Again, this is Interviewer 985. That's all for today's HIS news... THE CHOCOLATE ATTACK!!

'The Chocolate Bombs' & 'The Chocolate UFO'