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We read two African Stories in our Humanities class. Just press the title of the stories below, and it'll bring you to the websites. What I am sharing, explains a short summary of the story.

The Three Tests: A Swahili Tale of Choices

In this story, it tells about Prince Sadaka finding his other brothers for fathers. Their father missed the missing sons but was too old to sail across the Indian Ocean.

On the way there, he met some friends — living creatures (not humans — animals & spirits). He helped them by feeding and accompany them.

Prince Sadaka got to the island of Pemba and saw boats in the harbor. He knew the sultan of Pemba was very bad tempered. Sadaka had no choice, but ask the old man. He replied by requesting if Sadaka could pass his three tests.

With the help of the animals & spirits he helped, he was able to pass all of the tests.
Basically, this story explains to us that they believe in having conversations with creatures and getting their helps.
Fafi's Sheep

This is a story about a boy and his dream of having a sheep like
all the others. One day he got one from his parents and was so very happy. He rode on it, not knowing the sheep was uncomfortable with it. The sheep ran away from him and landed at a garden. The owner of the garden founds out and beat the boy up. Luckily, he was able to run away, still chasing the sheep. Troubles were followed as he continued to chance it. Suddenly, the sheep went and joined the other sheep ahead. How can he find his sheep within so many that looked the same?? To find out... read it!! ^ ^
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