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It's coming soon! In November, when the MTV Europe Awards come to Liverpool, the star of this year will be the American singer, Beyonce (that's her in the picture on the left). She will perform at the show and pick an award in the Ultimate Urban category. Others like Britney Spears, Coldplay and Duffy are ready to grab as many prizes as they could.

Now, still more than 30 million people in Europe are waiting eagerly towards enjoying the show on the 6th of November.

Katy Perry picked up couple awards with the track of "I Kissed A Girl". Next, she'll be against the Coldplay, Duffy, Kid Rock and Pink. She could make up 2 MTV Europe Awards. Then she will be competing against Miley Cyrus, Duffy (again), One Republic and the Jonas Brothers.

Are you excited about this event? It's going to be great!

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14-year old Kieron Hawkins and his friends shaved their hair into a new style~bold, for a joke to experience what it feels like. But their school didn't see what's funny.

Head teacher, Colin Taylor said their extreme hair-dos broke school rules. And because of that, the kids have to take their own lessons in a corridor.

Mr. Colin Taylor made this punishment the school insisted their students knew what was expected and had to learn consequences of their actions.

After the boys have been sent back in class, Kieron said, "It's only hair. I don't feel that it's got anything to do with my learning and it's got nothing to do in anyone else's learning, so it's not affecting anyone in a major way."

Kieron's experience of being bold had been tough.

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Pupils in some schools would try to make different kinds of knots including, giant, thin at the front, and other ones that'll make their school ties look great and cool. But not in Sutton Coldfield (West midlands of England), tying their school ties ina attractive way have been banned. The teachers in that school said that the way students are doing it, makes their lovely uniform look messy. And so, they'll have to wear the clip-on ones.

So, do you do that fancy tie-up too?
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In Argentina, the scientists released a total of 4 Andean condors into the wilderness as part of a "help save the world's largest bird of prey" program.

These Andean condors have wingspans of more than 3 meters and was once common when looking into the skies of South America. But now, only a few thousands were left because of the destruction of their homes.

4 chicks condors were born during captivity and were looked after before their releases. For the first year, the experts will keep watchful eyes upon them by using the radio transmitter and to feed them until they are OK to set off on their own.

Luis Jacome, a scientist, had been working on the protection of condors for 20 years and he had been breeding the chicks at a zoo called Buenos Aires. There, a total of 29 birds had been introduced to their real homes.

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There was a bomb blast in the capital of Pakistan on Sunday. Today, the rescuers are still searching for survivors in all 290 rooms at Marriott Hotel, Islamabad.

They found at least 53 people killed and 266 more injured after a explosion at the hotel. The truck fulled with explosives that made this destruction, burst into flames and made a eight meter deep crater. This place, where bombing had all occurred, is in a popular area filled with tourists, businessmen and politicians. Pakistan has a violent bombing history (scary) and this hotel is not the first time being the target. So far, no one's confessed having anythings to do with the bombing stuffs... Be very careful when you go and visit Pakistan!!!
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Today, when I went and visited my classmates' blogs and I found interesting news from each and every blog posts. They all did well and the posts were enjoyable. Many of us wrote about the same article, and the same reasons why students should blog ~ it's fun, fun, FUN!!

By reading people's blogs, I learned more about them ~ their interests, hobbies, and how they feel when something happened to the world.

There are also some news about the world that I did not know, until they wrote about it.

Something we all researched in groups are:
1. What is reading? Reading is to look, study, and understand what you are seeing. For example: Reading a magazine, comics, newspaper, etc...

2. What is economics: Knowledge that includes the production, distribution, and services.

3. What is sociology? It is the study of ways in which people live together in different societies.
4. What is Political Science? Something to do with the deals of the government.
5. What is religion? It is when you practice, believe strongly, and worship someone that could control all people.
6. What is art? Is a creative way of expressing something you liked and it is something people known as the masterpiece of your work.
7. What is Geography? It is a study of science dealing with the physical surface of the earth.

8. What is history? History is branches of knowledge that deals with past events.

Nice job everyone! :]
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Have you ever seen a black fox? Probably not because they are extremely rare in species. Then one day, Kevin Hehir spotted one creeping around in a graveyard north west of England. This type of creature are suppose to bring bad luck to ones who sees them, but Mr. Hehir isn't worried. He said that it won't make any difference cause he gets bad luck anyway.

Long ago, the fox is to be said as black as the night sky but it can also be called silver fox. So then it can live in men's shadow and never be seen.

Mr. Hehir is worried for the animal's safety cause these foxes are used to be bred for their fur. And because of that, he doesn't want anyone to know exactly where it is. A man who stuffs animals for living had already offered him £1,000 for telling him exactly where Mr. Hehir saw the fox.

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In a river 25 miles west of Kathmandu, Nepal, a bus was carrying about 50 passenger. As usual, the driver was doing his job driving his passengers to places all around, but then unexpectedly, the whole bus plunged into a river.

A police official said that at least 11 men and three women died and 26 others were injured. After an investigation, another police found that the bus driver felt sleepy and allowed his assistant to drive.

This bus was traveling from the border town of Birgunj to Kathmandu when it was damaged in Bhumistan.

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Hi there, welcome to my website!! This is my first blog of news and other stuffs for homework at my school. I have never thought that blogging may be fun. But after I got used to it, it was really exciting! Well, hope you enjoy it! :P
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Political Science is the study of public principles, public systems, public behavior and governments which includes political parties, elections, and public administration. It deals with very important values ~ equality, freedom, justice, and power. It’s likewise related to economics, history, law, philosophy, and sociology. It may help to increase the growth and the spread of democracy during our modern times. Political scientists developed useful materials for education for those who are needs learning. Without the training of political science, the democratic society we are in would not be able to prosper.
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In Beijing, China, industries were found selling powdered milk that are contaminated with melamine in baby formulas causing kidney stones. Melamine is a type of chemical that are used in fertilizers, cleaning products and to make plastic products.

On Monday, China's Ministry of Health declared that another baby had died, which makes 2, from drinking the Sanlu Brand. But, there are still 1,253 people that are sick in hospitals. Many complaints have been heard that Chinese regulators have failed to detect the problems in food safety and letting in dangerous products to different countries.

The imported tainted milk powders were added to drinks like milk tea, milk , desserts like pudding, and anything that contained "milk" in it. So beware everyone! You will need to watch out for what you are eating and drinking!! Remember this, and warn the others: "Watch out, contaminated Dairies are spreading over!!!"
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Here are 3 reasons why students should blog:

Students should blog because:
1. It helps them to practice the motivation of literacy with excitement.
2. It helps them learn to collaborate and make creative masterpieces.
3. They can give confidence by participating in discussing, communicating, and sharing ideas to the world of audience.