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Today, when I went and visited my classmates' blogs and I found interesting news from each and every blog posts. They all did well and the posts were enjoyable. Many of us wrote about the same article, and the same reasons why students should blog ~ it's fun, fun, FUN!!

By reading people's blogs, I learned more about them ~ their interests, hobbies, and how they feel when something happened to the world.

There are also some news about the world that I did not know, until they wrote about it.

Something we all researched in groups are:
1. What is reading? Reading is to look, study, and understand what you are seeing. For example: Reading a magazine, comics, newspaper, etc...

2. What is economics: Knowledge that includes the production, distribution, and services.

3. What is sociology? It is the study of ways in which people live together in different societies.
4. What is Political Science? Something to do with the deals of the government.
5. What is religion? It is when you practice, believe strongly, and worship someone that could control all people.
6. What is art? Is a creative way of expressing something you liked and it is something people known as the masterpiece of your work.
7. What is Geography? It is a study of science dealing with the physical surface of the earth.

8. What is history? History is branches of knowledge that deals with past events.

Nice job everyone! :]
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2 Responses
  1. Serena-

    I enjoyed reading your posts. You did a nice job using your own words to describe what you learned from your classmates' posts. The only item I see missing is your post about the area of Humanities you researched.