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Have you ever seen a black fox? Probably not because they are extremely rare in species. Then one day, Kevin Hehir spotted one creeping around in a graveyard north west of England. This type of creature are suppose to bring bad luck to ones who sees them, but Mr. Hehir isn't worried. He said that it won't make any difference cause he gets bad luck anyway.

Long ago, the fox is to be said as black as the night sky but it can also be called silver fox. So then it can live in men's shadow and never be seen.

Mr. Hehir is worried for the animal's safety cause these foxes are used to be bred for their fur. And because of that, he doesn't want anyone to know exactly where it is. A man who stuffs animals for living had already offered him £1,000 for telling him exactly where Mr. Hehir saw the fox.

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2 Responses
  1. AnnChi Says:

    The man is soooo cruel!!! Not Mr.Hehir, but the man who offers Mr.Hehir £1,000 if he tells him where the fox is... MEAN OLD MAN....hmmph!
    good article :D

  2. S~T~ Says:

    Yeah~ you're right... He is indeed very cruel!! Thanks for your comment! :]