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In Beijing, China, industries were found selling powdered milk that are contaminated with melamine in baby formulas causing kidney stones. Melamine is a type of chemical that are used in fertilizers, cleaning products and to make plastic products.

On Monday, China's Ministry of Health declared that another baby had died, which makes 2, from drinking the Sanlu Brand. But, there are still 1,253 people that are sick in hospitals. Many complaints have been heard that Chinese regulators have failed to detect the problems in food safety and letting in dangerous products to different countries.

The imported tainted milk powders were added to drinks like milk tea, milk , desserts like pudding, and anything that contained "milk" in it. So beware everyone! You will need to watch out for what you are eating and drinking!! Remember this, and warn the others: "Watch out, contaminated Dairies are spreading over!!!"
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  1. SE Says:

    Really need to watch out! :O

  2. Lian Says:

    I'm never going to drink milk tea AGAIN!!

    yep that's true!
    Thanks for posting!