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Good morning sunshine! It's time to eat breakfast! If you don't wanna make it yourself, you can go to STARBUCKS~~ (This is the route from my house ~ Jubei, Wen-Yi Street)

First you walk out of the apartment (B Building) and past the gold fish pond to where the room, the guardian usually go. The fastest way to go to Starbucks is to go to your right. As you walk, you will see some store, buildings that are still constructing, and houses. Later, you will reach Wun-tian Street. Notice you are still walking on Wen-Yi Street. You keep going and would see some coffee shops (but not STARBUCKS), and other buildings you usually see. Then you will meet another, the Wujhuoliou Road. Along Wen-Yi street, you'll usually see a lot of the same kinds. So just keep walking until you reach Wunlu Street. STOP! Now, walk to your left and down. Right at the corner, there would be a STARBUCKS. You could hear music (jazz) and smell the coffee beans.
To be quick, STARBUCKS is on Guangming 1st Road. Like about the 3rd block from my house~ :)
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Oh no! What's up there???

It's "CAT" to the rescue this time~
This cat climbed up more than 20m of a tree and unfortunately it couldn't find its way back down!

This male cat was thought to have been chased up the tree and it was spotted in an early morning. People were waiting for the fire service to come to the rescue. While waiting, it climb higher and higher!! And!! The ladders of the fire service weren't high enough to reach the cat. So, they called a tree surgeon to save the cat.

The branches of the tree was tiny and it couldn't keep his balance. Plop! He fell off~ Was it hurt? Well, luckily the rescuers used a coat to catch the falling cat. As soon as it was rescued, it ran off... Who does it belong to? We don't know.

Image and link of the story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_7900000/newsid_7902000/7902096.stm
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(Picture from this LINK)

In the last 2 Science classes, we did 2 kinds of puzzle activities. One with just white paper and the other one with a piece of newspaper.

Which one's harder? Which one's easier? Why?
The white paper puzzle is harder than the newspaper one. (Still, our group was the first to finish in two activities~~ XP) The newspaper one was easier because we are able to see the words, fonts, colors, and pictures. Then we will be able to match them up!! :) Whereas the white paper... It's harder! No pictures or any hints that will make it easier for you~~
So far, we learned that the Continental Drift...
- People believe that there was once a land bridge where organisms traveled.
- Alfred Wegener discovered the idea of Continental Drift.
- Continental Drift = The idea of continents move.
- People didn't believe it at first.
- Wegener gave evidence
1. Climate
2. Fossils
3. Continental Fit
What does Continental drift relate to Mrs. Smith's Puzzle Time Activity???

I think Mrs. Smith was trying to tell us that continents match up like puzzles. The matching up of continents were based upon Alfred Wegener's theories. ^_^
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Have you ever felt eager to put on dancing shoes and let yourself into dancing?

Now, Darren Bennett & Lilia Kopylova (Strictly star dancers) are convincing kids to take a shot at dancing! Right now, about 2,500 kids in the 29 schools of England, dance to keep fit in sport lessons. Even boys started to join~

This is what Darren Bennett said: "Boys are seeing ballroom and Latin dance in a whole new light - if their sporting heroes can do it, then so can they."

Getting fit?

Ed Balls, the government minister of children and education mentioned that dancing was an excellent way to keep us children fit and healthy.

Ed Balls said: "Making physical activity an attractive option for all young people is especially important if we are to tackle obesity."

Here's my idea:

Since dancing can keep us in fit, why don't we try dancing during our Wellness Class?? Haha! While that make learning even more interesting and fun to do? ( > 0 <>
Picture and link of the story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_7900000/newsid_7907200/7907255.stm

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We watched a video called "Geographic Lens 4: National Standards". Here is a summary about it:
National Standards and Geographical Skills

There are 18 contents standards that are divided into 6 essential elements:
1. The World in Spatial Terms
2. Places and Regions
3. Physical Systems
4. Human Systems
5. Environment and Society
6. The Uses of Geography
1. The World in Spatial Terms

This involve using maps and other kinds of materials to understand the spatial dimensions of our world.

2. Places and Regions

This is a concept whenever we look at particular places. Combining them into regions, help us understand the complexity of Earth's surface.

3. Physical Systems

This is to understand how physical system work in the natural environment.

4. Human Systems

Population ~ who does people interact with one another.

5. Environment and Society

How society had adapted to different environments and the changes they made.

6. The Uses of Geography

To interpret the past and the plan to predict the future.


7. Geographical Skills

- Asking geographical questions.
The current distribution of religion~

Notice that in the video, it's not just that. There's more. I don't know why but the video stopped at the middle. So, I guess... Let's stop for now, OK? :)
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ONE: Meaning of Geography

Geography describes the world we are living and what it'll be like in the future. It is all about letting us know and to understand the world we are in.

For example... In Aisa there will be a seasonal reversal wind. It makes summer into a rainy season and winter into a dry season... That's because there's a huge land mass = Asia. It goes all the way from the equatorial rounds to polar rounds. Beside it is the Indian Ocean.
Land and water heat and cool unevenly, which cause the temperature to be different.
If the temperature is different, the pressure will be different; if the pressure will be different, it initiate the flow of the winds. Because of that, during the summer, the lands will be warmer than water (low pressure system). When the air flows into the low pressure system (from the Indian Ocean), it'll turn very warm and very wet = summer rainy season. Same for the winter but with the opposite way.
It relates to the physical environment and the action between people and places. Asia has the population of over half the people in the world. But... Not evenly spread on the continent.
Each places have different way of life: Language, Religion, Food, and Physical Appearances...

Physical environment can influence the decisions people might take in a certain area. Like the actions the people have on land...
For example: ASIANS (MOST OF):
- Eat rice
- Depends on Monsoons
- Rice can't grow in dry regions of Asia.
- Northern Chinese (dumplings)
- Southern Chinese (rice)
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This is the "Ready GO?!?!" travel plan organization group. This group provides field trips for those from Taiwan, who wants to have fun. We organize travel plans to teachers with a fun, exciting, and relaxed vacation around the world... This is our first world trip plan... Here, we will introduce some fascinating places for YOU (even though you're not a teacher) to enjoy.

Starts: Taiwan
Ends: Taiwan
(There will be 8 places in different countries. The route for this trip will be crossing the equator twice.)

But for now, I'm just going to introduce one by one... The places you wouldn't believe exist...

(Original World Map Picture Link: http://reference.aol.com/atlas)

Here is our plan for YOU!

We will be moving northwest to land on your first stop...


(Picture LINK)

Palmyra, Syria is like the heart of the Syrian Desert. People often mention it as "the bride of the desert". Palmyra became known as the city of palm trees after the Romans came and conquered this land. Emperor Adrian came to Palmyra and freed the city and the people. So, the people there called their city: Adrianapalmyra. When Emperor Caracalla made it a Roman colony, they constructed streets, arches, temples, statues and other buildings. It soon began to make Palmyra one of Roman empire's greatest cities.

Here, you can take a view that may bring you back to the past...

Latitude: 34°32'53.80"N
Longitude: 38°17'2.73"E


Again, to your second stop, we will be moving northwest more!


(Picture LINK)

The Romantic Road will travel through different places. It will lead you to wonderful scenic landscapes. Farms, fields, and restaurants serve people with cuisine. There will be a huge section where you can find food to eat. There will be some pizza and ITalian food in that area too...!!

Latitude: 49°47'26.86"N
Longitude: 9°51'50.42"E


To your third stop, let's go northwest even more, to land!!


(Picture LINK)

Scartifoss, also known as the "Black Fall". It's in Iceland's skaftafell National Park. It appeared to be one of the most popular sights of this park. Notice the black layers of rock beside the waterfall? That's dark lava columns (cooled from times). This is why it got it's name (Black Fall). At the base of the waterfall, there will be sharp rocks. The contrast of back and white really stood out. The sheets of dark lava amused many tourists... Maybe you would be amazed too!

Latitude: 64° 1'53.00"N
Longitude: 16°58'21.00"W


Zoom! We'll go southwest to our fourth destination...


(Picture LINK)

From the top of the Diamond Head, you'll see a beach... The Waikiki Beach. The climate there are usually warm and cloud-free. Many tourists surf there and played with in the sea water.
It is beautiful beach to relax on. If you know how to surf, you 'd probably enjoy it!!

Latitude: 21°16'36.69"N


Southeast will be our next direction tp the fifth stop...


(Picture LINK)

The constructions of Machu Picchu was built around 1460 AD. Machu Picchu has always stand out to be an important tourist attraction. There, as you can see in the picture, are ruins that are left. You may find yourself getting into this place and wanting to explore more of its history...

Latitude: 13° 9'46.26"S
Longitude: 72°30'56.96"W


(A little bit of info. there)

After visiting machu picchu, let's go down a south~~


(Picture LINK)

Torres del Paine National Park is located in the Chilean Patagonia. It was known as one of the most beautiful and unruined place on the planet. You will be able to sea mountain ranges, lakes, flowers, and animals that will make you wanting to stay more. You can hike this park through the hiking trails. You can also camp there at their campgrounds. Try the fun activities there! Try and let yourself go off your limits!! :) You can do some climbing, kayaking, rafting, or glacier corssing. After this trip to Torres del Paine National Park, I'm sure it'll stay in your memories forever...

Latitude: 51° 0'0.00"S
Longitude: 73° 0'0.00"W


We are down to the seventh stop...
Let's go a east this time!


(Picture LINK)

Remember what I said about pushing your limits??? Well, this is the best part!!! BUNGI JUMPING!!! Let's go to the most X-tremes!!! Where is it? It's at the Gouritz River Bridge. This bridge is 65 meters high and it seems like, it's the highest bungi site in Africa!! Give it a SHOT!

You would be flying, but without wings. All you need to do is leap, fall, jump, or dive from a platform. You will, of course, be checked to see if you're securely attached properly to the opposite bridge.

It depends on you if you wanna try, or just enjoy watching~~

Latitude: 34°11'11.51"S
Longitude: 21°45'8.07"E


Then slightly straight east to the eighth stop...


(Picture LINK)

These stones above are made out of granite. These giant stones was thought to have an age of 1.7 billion years. People think that it was the hardening of magma within the crust of the earth. Thick layers of sandston put a lot of pressure on the stones. The pressure will cause the granite to expand, cracks, and or break apart... The roundness of the stones seemed like they've been shapped by mechanical weathering. It's really interesting about these stones... Maybe you caould be the first one to find a mysterial story behind it!!

Latitude: 20°34'0.00"S
Longitude: 134°16'0.00"E


So! The trip is about like that! :) You'll find yourself in a tired situation... But thanks goodness! You'll be heading home! Taiwan, let's fly to it!!!!

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Suppose that you are Manolin. You write a letter to Santiago expressing your feelings. This letter would be kept in a glass bottle and out to sea. What will the letter be like?

Dear Santiago,
I really miss you a lot! You have been away for just second day and it felt like you've been gone for years. I glanced towards the sea everyday at sunset. I could see your wrinkled face smiling back at me. Is it true that you are OK? Or are you filled with troubles and problems out at sea?

There's no words that can explain my true feelings now. I really don't know it you'll get this letter. But if you do, you'll know how I feel right now. Wish you happiness and full of success!

Your best pal,
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Last week in All School Gathering, we have been showed a small play where Peter (Grade 7) was using a PC. His new mac would be coming in soon. But he needs to do his humanities homework and it needs a macbook!! So, he went to Jacob (Grade 10?) and borrowed his laptop. Jacob agreed, but there's a condition... If Peter damaged his macbook in anyway, he will have to give Jacob his new macbook. Peter, agreed to this promise. Unfortunately, somehow Peter dropped Jacob's macbook. Jacob found out and demands that Peter is to give him his macbook. Peter disagrees. He said that he didn't sign a contract with Jacob, therefore it doesn't count... Jacob argued and said that Peter HAVE give him his new macbook no matter what! The problem is, should Peter forefill what he had promised or just let it pass?

Maybe like this? Or...

This?? 0__0
I think that Peter should give Jacob his macbook. He made a verbal promised and vowed to Jacob. And, infront of witnesses!! But, I think that he can also fix the broken macbook (like totally new) and then give it to Jacob... But Jacob insisted that he wants Peter's macbook.
Problme solved:

During Humanities class, we went downstairs to see Ms. Galland and her students (Kevin, Roxanne, Tina, Cindy, and Kassandra) had discussed this problem. They had solved the problem... They say that Peter had won and Jacob lost...
I was confused about why it is that way, but... they say it just is~ LOL XP
Picture Links: 1 and 2
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Hello explorers!

To find out where Hsinchu International School's art room is, look at the given picture.

Where's the school? = Hsinchu International School, 290 no., Nioupu East Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan. By looking at the map, you can probably figure that out!! XP

Just in case that the words are blurry, it is near the running track above... :)

This is our beautiful school!! And the arrow shows where the art room (301) is.
But when you enter the campus, you will need to walk few meters until you get to the building.

That's about it!! :)

For more information about the school, go to THIS website!!
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You probably know what "Geography" is mostly about. It is not just about landscapes, mountains, climate, rivers, people, socializing, economics, environment, plants, animals, and the study of the world around us.

If you look deeper and define what geography really is, you can say that it's divided into groups.

Physical Geography
- Study of earth science (lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, pedosphere, plants, and animals).

Human Geography
- Studies of economics, culture, political perspectives, cities, communities, government, religion, languages, socializing, and human history.

Environment Geography
- Study of technological changes and political ecology.

Regional Geography
- Study of the history of geography.

This is not a complete blog post about what geography is. At least it gives you some more deeper information.

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

This blog post may change as I add more...
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This is a picture that I drew. It is about one of my most favorite scenes in the story, ''The Old Man and the Sea''. Man VS Nature is the scene that I chose.
Imagine that you are the old man. This is what you will see, a gigantic huge marlin.

Man VS Nature

The old man struggled as the marlin began to take him and his skiff far away. The old man gotta do something! SO, he used all his strength and stabbed it with a harpoon. And he had won... Red liquid dripped into the clear blue water.

What will happen next? To find out, readers, it's your turn to finish the book!!

In this scene, the author used well descriptive words (which made it last through almost half the book).
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(Picture from "THIS" website)

In Mrs. Smith's science class today, we had a special day called S.M.A.S.H. day. S.M.A.S.H day represents "Smith's Marvelously Awesome Science Hoopla". We did a similar one with the paper towers (There's a blog post on it). But this time, it's more like a "hoopla"! By looking at the picture, you've probably figured by now, that it was about a yellow submarine!

Talking about the "Yellow Submarine", what is the task? We were to build a periscope... The periscope will have work for us; to see in the box from the floor to the table. The box would be filled with "THINGS" for us to figure out. We were to pair in partners. Lian and I are in one group. We struggled to make it out of ten pieces of paper, tape, and a box for the cardboard. We've got an hour to finish the complete product – the periscope.

Our building processes was filled with laughter, ripping sounds, cutting of the cardboard, "ouching" sounds, and the scratchy noise of mirrors. We did it in a rush because we had a limit of time to finish it.

We kept on fixing it because it falls apart continuously (I can't even remember how may times). Sometimes we modified it because it's not working, I couldn't see the other side! Each time we had hope to make the best. The way we communicated was first by drawing each ideas on one of the ten pieces of paper. We discussed a little and got to work, until we were getting nervous and about to give up. Once we got a plan in mind, we will get excited and energetic. But we tried to calm each other down. Why we were SO hyper? That's because we've got the idea and it's running out of time!!


If you could give a list of tips and suggestions to someone who is doing this for the first time, what would it be? What would you tell them to help out? --- Mrs. Smith

If you are doing this task like us, I suggest some steps you could follow:

1. Calm down what ever is about to happen.
2. Think that you and your partner are about to finish (plus, win a prize)!
3. If you have a plan in mind, explain fast and let them fully understand your ideas.
4. Draw a draft before you do anything else.
5. Focus and don't mess around!
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Will "THEY" Affect YOU???

As we live in a place for your whole childhood, you will adapt to the teachings it brought up for you. You learn and gain information as you grew older.

(Picture from "THIS" website)

When you live in a place and had natural surroundings that made up the climate, your body will adapted to it as days pass.

(Shiny picture from "THIS" website)

Religion is also another thing that would affect you. Each place has their own religion. And as soon as you understand why they have the religion, you might want to be one of the followers too. Sometimes religion depends on the surroundings of the place, the environment. Traditions and other cultures may bring you up as another person. Parents may tell their kid what is wrong and what is right. They have experiences that they could pass down to you.

(Picture from "THIS" website)

Like I mentioned before of the surroundings part... If you live in a place filled with freedom, like near a forest of some sort... You will may grow up as a person who loves the nature (flowers, mountains, lakes, rivers, trees, wild animals, and many more)...

Of course their are lots of possibilities and reasons that where you live can affect you. What I had written were just some examples. Be thinking about it too! Get your brains moving!!

(Nature picture from "THIS" website)

Where did you grow up?
What have they influenced you?
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Christianity / Judaism / Islam

What do they have in common? What are their differences?
Friday (February 6, 2009), we watched Peter's presentation about religion.
We are to write about what we learned about his presentation.
So... Here it is!! Let's find out!!

Christianity = monotheistic


Christianity define a God into three.
God as Father
God as Jesus the Son
God as the Holy Spirit


Baptism-when they pour people with holy water to wash away the sins. After doing that process... The person would now became a reborn Christian.

The wine represents Jesus blood and the bread represents his body. He said that he must die to safe man kind.

Judaism = monotheistic


People that believe in Judaism, were promised by God that they were the chosen people. Then God would lead and protect them till they reach the Kingdom Of Heaven. There he'd create the universe and continues to govern it.

Shabbat is the sunset on Friday til sunset on Saturday. During that time, people would stop working. It's like they are in a big family.

Succot is a Jewish festival. The duration is eigth or nine days. People would build a hut called the succah. Then they will bring in tables, chairs, and beds.

Kaparot: They will grasp a chicken by the shoulder blades and moving around it.


Islam = monotheistic


Abratamic religion – with teachings of Islamic prophet.
Muslims: there's only 1 god- Arabic
Language: Alah
God had special prophity.
Salah- prayer. Muslims pray 5 times a day.

Zakat: When they look after other people and provided wealth for those that are less fortune... They are being a community contributor and a person of high character!! Yeah!!


The are common: Strong members of monotheistic.
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The petrol tanker crashed dripping petrol everywhere. At the sight, people cuddled around to gather the fuel. It happened near a town called Molo. It exploded when it got lightend, killing about 111 people and harmed more. Officials were confused on how the explosion started and worried that people's lives will continue to be taken away. People think a cigarette had caused this issue and was on purpose.

After this issue, in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, there was other problems that killed about 25 people.

Who are the ones that caused all this to happen?

I am waiting to hear more!! Who is the killer or maybe, "killers"

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_7860000/newsid_7863500/7863599.stm
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Dolls that had the same names (Sasha and Malia) as President Obama's and Michelle's children had decided to rename them. Now it had changed into Marvelous Mariah and Sweet Sydney.

Why did they make this decision? Michelle, US's President's wife, was not happy to have dolls named as their kids.The American Company (part of the Ty Girlz Collection) argued that they named the dolls after her daughter's names because it had suited the dolls perfectly. This company of dolls sold their collections in January with some other dolls (Bubbly Britney, Lucky Lindsay and Precious Paris).

Did Michelle have some reasons besides the one which says that she wasn't happy about this idea?

I think that the company think that if they have dolls named after Shasa and Malia, people would buy them!! Haha~

Picture and info all from this link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_7860000/newsid_7869300/7869354.stm
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(Picture from "THIS" website)

I know what I should do! I can donate half of the money to charities. Some people in the world suffer from poor environmental conditions, no money, diseases, famine & droughts, not enough clothing, no shelter, no opportunities for jobs, orphanages (when they lost their parents) and no education... I want to help those people to have a better lives.

(Picture from "THIS" website)


(Picture from "THIS" website)

Just to let you know, there's a website where you can enter the meaning of each word and then they will donate rice to the poor. Here's the website: Freerice Try it out!! Increase your vocabulary while you help!!
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Today is February 4th, 2008...

It is the almost the end of school. We have Language Arts at the last block and by that time, all of us were almost asleep... We were TIRED!!! I see people lying on top of their desks, dropping their heads bit by bit, and I even heard one yawn. Oh my, is the class boring or is it because school is about to end??

Well anyway, at that point... we were reading this book called "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway.

We sat in a small circle and took out our books (just like the one above, exactly...). We began reading it with our teacher, Mr. Laffin, first. It goes like: the teacher, Victor, Andrew, Patrick, Tung Erh, Lian, me, Jasmine (Jazzy), Annchi, Cherine and then back to Mr. Laffin. We were trying to get each other to read the longer paragraphs (we POPCORN"ED" to each other like that). Sometimes, we attack the same person and making he / she to read them. :) The he / she who gets to do all the long readings were complaining about them having bad lucks. That's how Mr. Laffin wants us to write this blog post, not on bad lucks, but on GOOD LUCKS (HAPPY ONES)!!!!! So, that's why I'm sharing mine's with all of you.... :)

My Happiest Moments: (Now, we are at the time when I was 7 years old...)
You ready?

Right now, you're an angel (I suppose) that floats on my shoulders...
There was SARS in Taiwan, so we decided to go to the US...


Today is the first day of school. My school is called "Melbourne Elementary School" and it's in California, US. I live in my Aunty's house with my mom and my brother. In California, the air is so, so, so fresh that I can forget all about other things...

1. The air makes me happy... (Wait... Does that count? ¬__¬??)

So, my mom drove me and my brother to the school, although I wish I could go there by walking. It was a big school and lots of Americans were there. I was suppose to be in Grade 1 that time, but they let me in Grade 2. So, I was there being the youngest in the grade; and the only Chinese.
The ground was paved and we were lining up due to the sign which says my grade. I looked around me, my classmates were staring at me. I'm like "Oh my!!". I freaked out. I was getting nervous. Just I was about to race for my mother, our teacher, Ms. Mazur, came to us and introduced her to us. All of us need to shake hands with the teacher, one by one...
I was nervous, like I mentioned, and she held out her right and without knowing what I was doing, I reached out the same hand! So, embarrassing!! (THAT WAS MY EMBARRASSING MOMENT!!) You know why? I was busy observing her with shock. That time I was thinking: "Is she really my teacher or is she my principal?". Hahah... I was dumb that time.... > <> <

In grade 2, we do not have division in gender like we do now. I get quite well along boys... They are all very nice, indeed. ^_^... I met a girl called Amanda. She had the same "mentor" teacher (I dunno if it's even spelt like that or not but....) I had. My mentor is far much better than my homeroom teacher... (Sorry to say this but umm...) She sends me cards, candies, and little gifts almost everyday.

2. Being with a mentor teacher.

I got to know Amanda and we spent time together lots of times. Another friend of mine's, Hannah, she introduced me with another friend of hers (which I had forgotten the name, but remembered her looks...).

3. I enjoy being around with welcoming friends. (Not that I mean that being around with HIS friends are bad, but that was my first time having American friends and others from other countries). "A different taste of friends..."

It was my birthday (about that time). We celebrated with my cousin and my brother. We wrote cards and invited everyone I like = my friends, to the party. We played games and had lots of fun.

4. Having fun with people I like...

Sadly, at when we were about to leave back to Taiwan... My friends didn't have emails or any way for me to contact them with. That was bad. So right now, while I was writing this, I am also thinking about them... So sad... so bad.... The only way right now is to use social networks to find them when we are all older. :)
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Who is an "Effective Communicator"?
Who is the one who communicates a lot?
Who is the one that shows confidence in speaking?
Who is the one who likes to share?
One who have eye contact??
Who is the one who...

have no fear expressing themselves???

I think Lian is an effective learner.

Way to go Lian!!

She fears not to talk to people.
She peaks in a loud and clear voice, although she has a certain accent (sorry to say this Lian > <)... Lian act as a good example of contributing good ideas. It's great to ask question when you misunderstand. All you need to do is ask. Always try even though your answer is a guess. This is a way of learning!!

To Lian (If you see this...):
Well done Lian! It seems like some people said that you are truly a effective communicator!!! Wish you could set more great examples to all of us with the rest of the student outcomes!!! Keep it up~ ^_^

Link of the first picture.