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Last week in All School Gathering, we have been showed a small play where Peter (Grade 7) was using a PC. His new mac would be coming in soon. But he needs to do his humanities homework and it needs a macbook!! So, he went to Jacob (Grade 10?) and borrowed his laptop. Jacob agreed, but there's a condition... If Peter damaged his macbook in anyway, he will have to give Jacob his new macbook. Peter, agreed to this promise. Unfortunately, somehow Peter dropped Jacob's macbook. Jacob found out and demands that Peter is to give him his macbook. Peter disagrees. He said that he didn't sign a contract with Jacob, therefore it doesn't count... Jacob argued and said that Peter HAVE give him his new macbook no matter what! The problem is, should Peter forefill what he had promised or just let it pass?

Maybe like this? Or...

This?? 0__0
I think that Peter should give Jacob his macbook. He made a verbal promised and vowed to Jacob. And, infront of witnesses!! But, I think that he can also fix the broken macbook (like totally new) and then give it to Jacob... But Jacob insisted that he wants Peter's macbook.
Problme solved:

During Humanities class, we went downstairs to see Ms. Galland and her students (Kevin, Roxanne, Tina, Cindy, and Kassandra) had discussed this problem. They had solved the problem... They say that Peter had won and Jacob lost...
I was confused about why it is that way, but... they say it just is~ LOL XP
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