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Christianity / Judaism / Islam

What do they have in common? What are their differences?
Friday (February 6, 2009), we watched Peter's presentation about religion.
We are to write about what we learned about his presentation.
So... Here it is!! Let's find out!!

Christianity = monotheistic


Christianity define a God into three.
God as Father
God as Jesus the Son
God as the Holy Spirit


Baptism-when they pour people with holy water to wash away the sins. After doing that process... The person would now became a reborn Christian.

The wine represents Jesus blood and the bread represents his body. He said that he must die to safe man kind.

Judaism = monotheistic


People that believe in Judaism, were promised by God that they were the chosen people. Then God would lead and protect them till they reach the Kingdom Of Heaven. There he'd create the universe and continues to govern it.

Shabbat is the sunset on Friday til sunset on Saturday. During that time, people would stop working. It's like they are in a big family.

Succot is a Jewish festival. The duration is eigth or nine days. People would build a hut called the succah. Then they will bring in tables, chairs, and beds.

Kaparot: They will grasp a chicken by the shoulder blades and moving around it.


Islam = monotheistic


Abratamic religion – with teachings of Islamic prophet.
Muslims: there's only 1 god- Arabic
Language: Alah
God had special prophity.
Salah- prayer. Muslims pray 5 times a day.

Zakat: When they look after other people and provided wealth for those that are less fortune... They are being a community contributor and a person of high character!! Yeah!!


The are common: Strong members of monotheistic.
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