☆ Serena ☆

Good morning sunshine! It's time to eat breakfast! If you don't wanna make it yourself, you can go to STARBUCKS~~ (This is the route from my house ~ Jubei, Wen-Yi Street)

First you walk out of the apartment (B Building) and past the gold fish pond to where the room, the guardian usually go. The fastest way to go to Starbucks is to go to your right. As you walk, you will see some store, buildings that are still constructing, and houses. Later, you will reach Wun-tian Street. Notice you are still walking on Wen-Yi Street. You keep going and would see some coffee shops (but not STARBUCKS), and other buildings you usually see. Then you will meet another, the Wujhuoliou Road. Along Wen-Yi street, you'll usually see a lot of the same kinds. So just keep walking until you reach Wunlu Street. STOP! Now, walk to your left and down. Right at the corner, there would be a STARBUCKS. You could hear music (jazz) and smell the coffee beans.
To be quick, STARBUCKS is on Guangming 1st Road. Like about the 3rd block from my house~ :)
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