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In Mrs. Smith's science class today, we had a special day called S.M.A.S.H. day. S.M.A.S.H day represents "Smith's Marvelously Awesome Science Hoopla". We did a similar one with the paper towers (There's a blog post on it). But this time, it's more like a "hoopla"! By looking at the picture, you've probably figured by now, that it was about a yellow submarine!

Talking about the "Yellow Submarine", what is the task? We were to build a periscope... The periscope will have work for us; to see in the box from the floor to the table. The box would be filled with "THINGS" for us to figure out. We were to pair in partners. Lian and I are in one group. We struggled to make it out of ten pieces of paper, tape, and a box for the cardboard. We've got an hour to finish the complete product – the periscope.

Our building processes was filled with laughter, ripping sounds, cutting of the cardboard, "ouching" sounds, and the scratchy noise of mirrors. We did it in a rush because we had a limit of time to finish it.

We kept on fixing it because it falls apart continuously (I can't even remember how may times). Sometimes we modified it because it's not working, I couldn't see the other side! Each time we had hope to make the best. The way we communicated was first by drawing each ideas on one of the ten pieces of paper. We discussed a little and got to work, until we were getting nervous and about to give up. Once we got a plan in mind, we will get excited and energetic. But we tried to calm each other down. Why we were SO hyper? That's because we've got the idea and it's running out of time!!


If you could give a list of tips and suggestions to someone who is doing this for the first time, what would it be? What would you tell them to help out? --- Mrs. Smith

If you are doing this task like us, I suggest some steps you could follow:

1. Calm down what ever is about to happen.
2. Think that you and your partner are about to finish (plus, win a prize)!
3. If you have a plan in mind, explain fast and let them fully understand your ideas.
4. Draw a draft before you do anything else.
5. Focus and don't mess around!