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In the last 2 Science classes, we did 2 kinds of puzzle activities. One with just white paper and the other one with a piece of newspaper.

Which one's harder? Which one's easier? Why?
The white paper puzzle is harder than the newspaper one. (Still, our group was the first to finish in two activities~~ XP) The newspaper one was easier because we are able to see the words, fonts, colors, and pictures. Then we will be able to match them up!! :) Whereas the white paper... It's harder! No pictures or any hints that will make it easier for you~~
So far, we learned that the Continental Drift...
- People believe that there was once a land bridge where organisms traveled.
- Alfred Wegener discovered the idea of Continental Drift.
- Continental Drift = The idea of continents move.
- People didn't believe it at first.
- Wegener gave evidence
1. Climate
2. Fossils
3. Continental Fit
What does Continental drift relate to Mrs. Smith's Puzzle Time Activity???

I think Mrs. Smith was trying to tell us that continents match up like puzzles. The matching up of continents were based upon Alfred Wegener's theories. ^_^
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  1. P. Smith Says:

    Good start...but why do you think I had you do 2 different puzzles? Why was the activity important?



  2. O! That! Ok~ I'll make a note for me to do that next time... Thanks~~