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Will "THEY" Affect YOU???

As we live in a place for your whole childhood, you will adapt to the teachings it brought up for you. You learn and gain information as you grew older.

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When you live in a place and had natural surroundings that made up the climate, your body will adapted to it as days pass.

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Religion is also another thing that would affect you. Each place has their own religion. And as soon as you understand why they have the religion, you might want to be one of the followers too. Sometimes religion depends on the surroundings of the place, the environment. Traditions and other cultures may bring you up as another person. Parents may tell their kid what is wrong and what is right. They have experiences that they could pass down to you.

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Like I mentioned before of the surroundings part... If you live in a place filled with freedom, like near a forest of some sort... You will may grow up as a person who loves the nature (flowers, mountains, lakes, rivers, trees, wild animals, and many more)...

Of course their are lots of possibilities and reasons that where you live can affect you. What I had written were just some examples. Be thinking about it too! Get your brains moving!!

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Where did you grow up?
What have they influenced you?
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  1. Lian Says:

    very nicely done!

    You wrote quite a lot compared to some other people.

  2. Andrew Says:

    You are mostly writing about the adaptation of people in different surroundings. Have you ever thought about the ancient civilization?
    Overall great :)

  3. OOH
    I love what you said + the picture that you found

  4. Lian: THX! Well, you too! Haha
    Andrew: Yep! That's what I thought about this question – "adaptation"! :)
    Stephanie: THX!! :D :D