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ONE: Meaning of Geography

Geography describes the world we are living and what it'll be like in the future. It is all about letting us know and to understand the world we are in.

For example... In Aisa there will be a seasonal reversal wind. It makes summer into a rainy season and winter into a dry season... That's because there's a huge land mass = Asia. It goes all the way from the equatorial rounds to polar rounds. Beside it is the Indian Ocean.
Land and water heat and cool unevenly, which cause the temperature to be different.
If the temperature is different, the pressure will be different; if the pressure will be different, it initiate the flow of the winds. Because of that, during the summer, the lands will be warmer than water (low pressure system). When the air flows into the low pressure system (from the Indian Ocean), it'll turn very warm and very wet = summer rainy season. Same for the winter but with the opposite way.
It relates to the physical environment and the action between people and places. Asia has the population of over half the people in the world. But... Not evenly spread on the continent.
Each places have different way of life: Language, Religion, Food, and Physical Appearances...

Physical environment can influence the decisions people might take in a certain area. Like the actions the people have on land...
For example: ASIANS (MOST OF):
- Eat rice
- Depends on Monsoons
- Rice can't grow in dry regions of Asia.
- Northern Chinese (dumplings)
- Southern Chinese (rice)
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