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Have you ever felt eager to put on dancing shoes and let yourself into dancing?

Now, Darren Bennett & Lilia Kopylova (Strictly star dancers) are convincing kids to take a shot at dancing! Right now, about 2,500 kids in the 29 schools of England, dance to keep fit in sport lessons. Even boys started to join~

This is what Darren Bennett said: "Boys are seeing ballroom and Latin dance in a whole new light - if their sporting heroes can do it, then so can they."

Getting fit?

Ed Balls, the government minister of children and education mentioned that dancing was an excellent way to keep us children fit and healthy.

Ed Balls said: "Making physical activity an attractive option for all young people is especially important if we are to tackle obesity."

Here's my idea:

Since dancing can keep us in fit, why don't we try dancing during our Wellness Class?? Haha! While that make learning even more interesting and fun to do? ( > 0 <>
Picture and link of the story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_7900000/newsid_7907200/7907255.stm

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