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This is a picture that I drew. It is about one of my most favorite scenes in the story, ''The Old Man and the Sea''. Man VS Nature is the scene that I chose.
Imagine that you are the old man. This is what you will see, a gigantic huge marlin.

Man VS Nature

The old man struggled as the marlin began to take him and his skiff far away. The old man gotta do something! SO, he used all his strength and stabbed it with a harpoon. And he had won... Red liquid dripped into the clear blue water.

What will happen next? To find out, readers, it's your turn to finish the book!!

In this scene, the author used well descriptive words (which made it last through almost half the book).
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice drawing! I agree Man vs. Nature is the major theme! Nice work! Mr. Laffin