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Who is an "Effective Communicator"?
Who is the one who communicates a lot?
Who is the one that shows confidence in speaking?
Who is the one who likes to share?
One who have eye contact??
Who is the one who...

have no fear expressing themselves???

I think Lian is an effective learner.

Way to go Lian!!

She fears not to talk to people.
She peaks in a loud and clear voice, although she has a certain accent (sorry to say this Lian > <)... Lian act as a good example of contributing good ideas. It's great to ask question when you misunderstand. All you need to do is ask. Always try even though your answer is a guess. This is a way of learning!!

To Lian (If you see this...):
Well done Lian! It seems like some people said that you are truly a effective communicator!!! Wish you could set more great examples to all of us with the rest of the student outcomes!!! Keep it up~ ^_^

Link of the first picture.
2 Responses
  1. Lian Says:

    is that me?
    haha lol thanks!
    I wuv you!

  2. Lian: Hah~ Yep~ You! =]