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In Math class, we watched a video called the "Life After People".

About Life After People:
When the population in Earth became zero, what does it look like? This video starts at the first day of people's absence to about 10,000 years later...


After watching this video, we started to imagine what it'll be like if only the people in Taiwan were to live and not the others.

What would it be like? What shall we do? What do we need to do for the populations to rise and spread it once again to the other countries? What about the imports and exports??



We lost contact with the world... Only us, the people in Taiwan survived... We started to panic... What if we're the next target? And after that, nobody will survive...

It's time for us to explore and to spread out. We need to depend on each other. So, some of us decided to sail ships to untouched places and settle. Here we go to an unknown place...

Covered with trees and vines, it's time to explore!!!

As we arrived, we build up small tents and protection from wild animals. Slowly, we began to construct a city. As we brought technology to these lands, we began to contact once again. More and more humans began to bring up a society... Just like way back before, we've built a whole new world.

Picture links: Taiwan, Untouched Forest, and Life After People
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