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My Break: At the Lalu (Family Gathering)

One thing I did during my break was going to the Lalu with my mom, aunt, uncle from America, cousin Cherine, brother, and grandparents. It was a beautiful hotel and comfortable too. We, my uncle, my brother, Cherine and I, played Monopoly with credit cards! At first, it was great! But, then... It turned out to be extremely boring, playing it almost 3 times a day.... We also stayed up late playing that game. Although it was a "boring" game, we laughed and laughed because all of us made stupid mistakes.

Another thing I did during my days at the Lalu was that we rode bicycles. And because it had rained, there was no place that was dry enough. So we ended up circling the parking lot... It was very weird, with all those people parking there seeing the 5 of us going round and round. That was quite embarrassing. Later on, all of the adults went to spa nearby to relax and enjoy. While the 3 of us, my brother, Cherine, and I, went to the dorm to and messed around. We ate the snacks in both the plates. The place where we slep was put together, forming two rooms. My mom, my aunty, Cherine, and I slept in one of the 2-connected-rooms, while the rest of the family slept ing the other. We only had one key so the 3 of us went to me and Cherine's room. There we played with our hair, ate, drank sodas, played, watched TV, and used the laptop to record some videos. Those videos include funny ones, with us making funny faces, dancing ones, and singing ones.

The third thing I did druing the holidays was going to a place to soak in hot springs. It's in Gu Guan. There, we played Monopoly again! But we stopped a little bit just after the game. At night, we went to a nearby place to see if there's anything interesting. When we came home, we brought snacks to our room. Before we went outside we put water in the tub to cool down a bit. So, we rolled up our pants and put our feet in the water. Then, we pressed a button on the wall. Bling! The TV was on. We watched "Spider Man" while we soaked our feet. Almost every night during the holidays, we slept late.Ooooh~ So tired.

My 2009 Goals
There are 2 goals I'm setting for 2oo9 that I'm going to share...

1. My first school goal is to ask when ever I need help or if I don't understand some assignments.

2. My second school goal is to express myself to others in a more understanding way.
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