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For Humanities, our teacher — Mr. Carpenter showed us a video about "The Ten Commandments". Although we haven't finished the video yet, we're to write about the cultures of the different people in the video. So here's what I found out about the culture by watching "some" of that video... It's based on the story of Moses.

Jewish "The Slaves"

At the time in the video, the Jews were slaves. They were killed, buried, and forced to construct cities, pyramids, and other buildings. All of the Jews were tied to ropes in order to make giant obelisks stand. The Egyptians used whips to punish them like animals, when they are tired, disobey the orders, and when they did something wrong. Those Jews were just tired!! They worked all day under the extreme heat and they've been covered in mud, all stinky and dirty. How could they maintain their power when there's nothing for them to eat, just a little bit for them to drink?? They had no rights but work and work as "slaves". Plus, they've got their babies killed that time just because the pharaoh heard that the new successor would be a Jewish. Mothers also got killed protecting their babies. Times went by, and many were tortured 'cause they wanting freedom. The assume that the Jews are lower than them, the Egyptians, just because they are a different race.

Their Culture

Women and girls had their heads covered in cloth, just like people in India does. While males sometimes wore vests that are long. The Jewish cloth had their own kind of pattern. They worship their own God and of course, NOT the Egyptian Gods.

Egyptian "The Wealthy" and Their Culture

On the other hand, the Egyptian Pharaohs, and those who lived in the "palace", had wealthy lives. They wore jewelries and had fine clothing. Those jewelries include, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, foot bracelets, accessories on the heads, and rings. They also put on make-ups and even males! They Egyptian Pharaohs were the ones that are to control the whole of Egypt. Those Egyptian worship their Gods (Sun, Water, Soil, etc...) The place of the new Pharoahs are replaced through generations and generations of royal blood. Their food include wheat. They have pyramids, large constructions of towers and cities.

Why should the Egyptian treat the Jews like that?
What rights do they have in order to think they are in a higher class?
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  1. Wow! What an insightful blog post. You analyzed the video and came back with clear descriptions of culture especially the clothing. And I really liked the way you came up with questions. Nice work.