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~Monday, 12 January, 2008~

The sight was terrible... Bombs ripped across Baghdad, Iraqi; leaving the dry ground covered with little patches of red pond. Some were dead, some were injured, and the rest are still alive...

All of this happened during the morning ~ a rush hour.

This disaster stole away the precious life of soldiers, a policeman, and civilians. Three soldiers died when their military convoy had exploded. At least eight have been killed and above a dozen were injured. In the west of the city, three Iraqi soldiers died when a roadside bomb hit their military convoy. Two civilians were exploded near a police checkpoint.

Those explosions are mainly heading toward Iraqi's security forces.

Who were the attackers? Did they have a special reason for doing this? Did all of them escaped away? How did the people in Baghdad not now that they were in danger? Where were the attackers hiding at the first place?

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7823906.stm
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