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There have been shark attacks along beaches. Experts said that like only 60 people had died due to shark attacks over the past 50 years.
There's one attack where a 13 year old girl went surfing at the island of Tasmania. Suddenly, she was dragged into the water twice, by a 5 meter long pointer shark. Luckily, her cousin jumped into the water, punch the shark, and rescued her.
The latest shark attack was on Monday. It was about this man who had punched a bull shark to free himself. That time, he was snorkeling at the south of Sydney coast.
Another man, got attacked by a 40 cm shark off the northeast coast...
But, still lots swimmers in Sydney, Australia are happy about staying in shallow water.
My Opinion:
1. That was brave of the 13 year old girl's cousin to rescue her by punching the shark!!

My Questions:
1. Is Australia the place of frequent shark attacks? Why? The weather??
2. How did the girl turned out to be dragged twice underwater? Did she fight back to the surface the first time? Did she even tried to punch the shark or was she shocked at that time?
3. Does sharks always deep underwater when they are in search for food?

Folks!! Just remember, watch out and find a safe place to swim, play with water, and surf!!

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/newsid_7820000/newsid_7824600/7824637.stm
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