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Research reflection:
For the past month, we have been researching body systems on our own.

One good thing about doing it this way is that, when we research on something, we learn while reading. :D

One thing I didn't like doing it this way is that, I kind of dislike researching... It's like, you went to a website just to find a simple answer and then you ended up reading this huge lot of article. After you finished reading that article, you found out that it's talking about something else... Plus, we won't know which websites tell the truth. It made happen to be made up! x-( It makes me mad!! Argh!!

I think Mrs. Smith planed it this way in order to make sure we are ready, ready, ready to continue with all the information in our heads. :) Then we'll find it easier to complete our very hard task. It benefits, the way it works, even though it drives people mad! :)

But there's one suggestion I have for Mrs. Smith is...
I mean...there's 2! Here's the other suggestion I have for Mrs. Smith is...
Let me think what it is...

The MAGIC School Bus:

Today in Science we watched the Magic School Bus about the Digestive System (a field trip in Arnold)...

One thing that is not true in the Magic School Bus was: All of us know that when we digest food, it's a bit longer and not in a short time.
I think that, in the large intestine, the waste are suppose to be pushed slowly and slowly into the exit. But it didn't it stayed there. Oh! Another thing... How could Arnold hear the voice coming from his stomach?? ^o)

But there are some that are true! One thing that is true
about that episode was that, every entrance through a different body organ has a valve (whole). And another thing, "Villi does" absorb nutrients and sent them through out the body. :):):):):):)
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  1. P. Smith Says:

    You never gave me any suggestions ?!? How will I ever improve! :)

    Great thoughts on the other stuff. :)