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(Picture from the same website as this article)

Do you like to play with toys? How about when they are all brand new, sparkly, and attractive?? All the time???

It's truly GREAT!!! But! Of course "NOT", when they are covered with drools and played by animals first, is it?? It's like having a special gift that's second-handed!!

Julie Bishop, a cat owner, had this cat – Frankie. This weird 2 year old cat, went from homes to homes in Swindon and taking toys. Julie thinks that her cat doesn't know how or why he did this... Now, she's eager to return those toys to their owners.

Julie said that her at will always come home bringing lots of 'presents' for them... Those presents include numbers of soft toy animals.

Frankie is a weird and naughty cat, but he's also cute in some ways!!

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