☆ Serena ☆

Most of the people change their personality because they think money is everything. If I have a lot of money, my personality wouldn't change. It's not just the money I'm craving for. Money just ISN'T the real "everything"... There's not much of I change I will turn out to be. I know that changing to a totally opposite personality, wouldn't help much. Of course I would buy something I like. Maybe I would share some to my family or donate some to foundations.

Yes, I would risk to reach a goal. But a goal of what? What kinds of goals? To use money to reach your goal? If it is that way, I'll say that, yeah, sometimes I will. If it really contributed help to the world. I would prefer using what I can and not just only money. Courage, strength, and the passion I held inside.

Money is important and so is friendship. I wouldn't hurt my family members so that I could be accepted by my friends. If it's really that way, I know that they are not REAL friends that will accompany me for the rest of the days. Friends are a part of my life. But, they'll need to be real and not fake. They make me happy and calm me down. Most of all I would say my family comes above all the others.

If they are really true, I will see them as a part of my family. For my friends that are reading this, don't feel bad. If I can see that what you feel is true, you're in. You're a part of my family. =]
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  1. Seth Says:

    Dear Serena:
    I liked your blog entries! I liked the quote. Keep it up!
    Mr. Laffin