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Is the attributes of a person that are productive in some economic context.
Human capital provides human resources that we create. It helps us be productive.

Examples could be telephones. Because they are created by human (by their knowledge). People today use telephones at home and cellphones when they are outside. People rely on it to communicate through businesses, meetings, gatherings, party, and many other usages. As time passes, we will soon create a new type of phone. The newer, people would want to buy and the companies could earn money.

Another example would automobiles. Cars make life more efficient. They protect us from bits of stones that may jump up and attack. They appear to be safe. Cars also keep us warm in cold days and cool in hot days. Families could listen (musci/radios) or watch tv inside the cars.

Telephone picture
Car picture


It's the money used for businesses. Those money for the businesses are used to buy their materials that they need. Get it? Ok, maybe you didn't, but...

Like McDonald, for an example... They may use the money they've earn to buy more food products they need, to make more tasty ones. By doing it this way, you would be able to earn more money.

McDonald picture

It includes minerals and resources in the nature...
These are the sources to make us weathly.
They could be sold with high prices. Energy sources count as one too~ As we began to use them a lot for machines... They are becoming fewer and fewer. So then, the prices would go up. Therefore, people that work for the energy resources would rean money... :)
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