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Look back at your travels to a very distinct region that sticks in your mind. Was it a formal, functional or perceptual region? Describe how it fits into one of these categories. What were economic, cultural, and physical characteristics (land, sea, weather) of the region? Next, go to the Web to find a map that includes this region. Look for man-made and natural borders. Use a paint program to draw in what you see as the borders. Insert this image into your post.
— Mr. Carpenter

The 'Real' Blogging:
The place where I'm choosing is the Romantic Road in Germany... I am not very sure of it's a functional or a formal region. But I think it's a formal region. The Romantic Road contains a lot of towns. And I think there's a little of the perceptual region.

So it's the South West of Germany, like a pathway in the Oberbayern region.
Economic (some): Mineral resources, vehicle manufactire, mechanical engineering, and electrical equipments.
The export it half to Italy, UK, France, and Austria...
RELIGION: Catholiscism (southern part)
TRADITIONS: Costumes = Tracht... They weaer in Altbayern Lederhosen for males and Dirndl for females. They have 'Century-old' folk musics.
FOOD & DRINKS: Beer (they are known as 'beer-lovers'), water, barely, and hops.
LANGUAGE: There are 3 kinds. Austro-Bavarian, Swabian German, and East Franconian German.
Geography: There's a lot in geography at this region... So check out this website that I've found..

(This is a bad picture I did, on putting boundaries. The brown part is like the mountains... Hehe~ =P)

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