☆ Serena ☆
This is NOT really what I'm gonna do, take a note of THAT!
I will still, probably, have a normal life. No matter how much money I will get.

Journal: March 5, 2009

Dear My Living Diary,

School days are just the same as usual. We got a lot of homework assignments. They include: a letter to Alfred Wegener (Science), a physical fitness presentation (wellness), and a diary if I won a lot of money (Language Arts). Recently, in Language Arts class we read a book called "The Pearl", and it lead to the thinking of "Money". So, Mr. Laffin gave us an assignment to do. The topic is: What will you do if you've won a lot of money? Write a 5 day diary. That's what I'm doing now, writing the diary... I couldn't think of what to write. **Thinking... Ummm...
Wait...!! Sorry, I got a phone call from someone... :O

I'm back! You know what? The person in the phone said that I’ve won a hundred thousand billion Euros! Oh my gosh! At first, I didn't believe what he was saying... I'm like, "What's wrong with this person...???!!???" Isn’t this perfect and so exciting? A HUNDRED THOUSAND BILLION “EUROS”!! That’s like “A LOT” of money!!! I can’t believed I’ve became the chosen one!! I couldn’t really explain it in clear details but umm... I’m so hyper today! It’s really "GREAT NEWS"!!! What could I do with all those money? I could buy all the things I wanted. I could decorate my room. I could do whatever I want!!! I’m going crazy~ !! This is like the best day of my life!^_^!!! Hooray! >< alt="<3" src="http://sc.webmessenger.msn.com/10.1.0323.0/session/images/emoticons/heart.gif" style="vertical-align: bottom;"> the world!! LOL~ :] ** But of course... I'm just a kid... :(

Haha~ Now, this assignment is going to be really easy!! LOL ~ Gotta go sleep! Bye bye, "Living Diary"~ Nice dreams to you too~
Journal: March 6, 2009

Dear My Living Diary,

It's Spring dance today! I wanted to go! But I couldn't... :'( I dunno what made me feel so down... I wanted to have fun with my friends... To relax my feelings, I went shopping at 5 different malls... Hehe~ Guess what? I just bought a new stero, a TV, a new white desk, some cushions (like the bean bags), a big wardrobe (A wardrobe isn’t even enough! I bought a lot, and I meant “A LOT” of clothes!! LUV IT ALL~ Hahaah~), and wall papers for my room. Isn't that great?? Haha~ Since I love shinny accessories.... =P YEP~~ I bought a lot, like 400 types of accessories. I LUV to shop!! Teheheh~

Sorry gotta go eat dinner!.....................

Hello! I'm back! My family and I went and ate at a very high-classed restaurant! It’s wonderful and delicious. I know, I’m being a bit too exaggerated~~ Hahah~ I am!
Tomorrow, my parents are going to Switzerland to save some of my money in the bank... I'm still too young to do "bank" businesses... =[
Journal: March 7, 2009

Dear My Living Diary,

Today is Saturday. I was tired because I went shopping all last night. I slept late and woke at 12:00 in the afternoon. I've basically got all I wanted to get. Since my parents are at home, I decided to invite my friends over and have a "eXtreme" party~~ Maybe a "stay-over-night" party? Hope they could arrive here early....
Sorry.... I think they've just arrived at the front door!
Oooh~ I'm so tired. I drank half a bottle of ice tea and shared a bag of popcorn with my friends... =]

Our schedule was like this:
- Tour around my house.
I took them to my room and they went and put their stuffs. - Go shopping and watch movie at theater.
Bought another lot and watched a movie we voted. - Eat Dinner
Ate dinner together at "Chile" and ate ice creams. :P - ♬♪Sing Karaoke~~ ♬♪
Everybody sang... - Go home
We're of course, tired... - Play Games
Played some card / board games. - Chat and Sleep ★☆
Chatted about school and their hobbies.

I hope that they'll feel comfortable here. =]

PS: I only told my best friend about what great "luck" I was in.
Journal: March 8, 2009

Dear My Living Diary,

What a Sunday! It started "sunny" and then it went all cold and wet... :( I didn't want to be in the house all day. So, I went out to a book store and bought "arts & crafts" books to experience at home. At least I could go out for a while then come back... =] I also went to the bakery store and bought some "goodies" to savor. Just at the corner of the bakery, I met a person. He asked me for some charity fund and I said "OK". To keep my life simple, I went to the bakery store almost everyday. And I would meet the fun raiser again. He would nag me and follow me until I said "yes". So, I changed to the 7-11 just across the street for food supplies. :P I also went to the mall and bought some hats and some sunglasses. Just in case I do go to the bakery for some reason, I could change my appearance. Like wearing a different cap, have different hair styles, different clothing (sloppy ones and formal ones~ LOL), and different sunglasses. Haha~ My drama show is about to begin, or should I say "already began"?

Journal: March 9, 2009

Dear Diary,

Somehow, the plan that I told you yesterday, didn't work. He knew my adress and kind of like waited for me there... * ..... *

Plus, about all my neighbors had came and used a polite way of helping them pay certain bills.. *.....*

I called my best friend today and hoped that she would keep it a secret in school in case it did... I was becoming very nervous... To make me feel better a little bit, I took some paper and began to sketch and draw. I drew some scenes that might happen in the future when everyone knows the story...

Today, there's nothing much more to say except the anger and the nervous feeling that began to overwhelm in me...

Night night... Diary....

Journal: March 10, 2009

Dear Diary,

Today I went to school and searched for my best friend... She wasn't there... Why? Nobody know... Just then, when I was in the bathroom... I heard whispers: "Will anyone find out?" / "I don't know! Why always ask me?" / "Because, you was the one who had this plan!" / "Geez~ Relax! No ones gonna find out!" / "Really?" / "Yeah, I promice..." / "She won't find out will she?" / "Who... won't?" / "Serena. I suppose she would find out..." / "Nah~ You got too much imaginations!" / "You know, she is her best friend. I really felt sorry for her..." / "Don't be! She deserves it!" / "But not *DEATH*!" / "Shush! I think there's someone out there, listening!"

The word "death" starttled me... What do they mean? My best friend died because of.... what?

And that's why I didn't hear everything... What's happening with her, my best friend? I could clearly hear who the voice was... the school's "BIGGEST BULLY"... Probably the "WORLDS MEANEST BULLY EVER LIVED!"

Now, I know that something happened and she was like forced to speak of the truth. She didn't and they've killed her. But what was she not wanting to speak of?MY "LUCKY" story!!!! Well, now, it's not a happy ending but a tragical ending...

I wish I could use money to pay back what I've lost. I miss her so much! My tears couldn't possibly stop of what she did and gave my a secured feeling...

I COULD ONLY CRY WITH SORROW: "PLEASE! PLEASE! DO REVERSE BACK TO OUR HAPPY TIMES TOGETHER!"________________________________________________________________



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