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Who attacked who? ¬0¬ ??? A Chimp named Santino attacked human!! How? He was found collecting and storing stones for missiles later on. He was a chimp in Furuvik Zoo, north of Stockholm. Now we know that animals have the ability to make plans for their futures. It made zoo visitors annoyed.

People had began to study and research about this amazing discovery... Dr. Osvath said they they've made studies and it really did show it was true. Although some argued that it was an experimental artifact.

To read more of the reasearch Dr. Osvath had found, go to the following link.

I think chimps and other types of monkeys are like us. They can be smart. They may plan for their future. Is it just their natural behaviors or an instinct? Cool~ B-)

(Picture from "THIS" link which also contains about the same news article)

Link to this article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7928996.stm
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