☆ Serena ☆
In humanities class, we studied about a fictional piece of land named Kenbrena.

Here are two questions:
1. What are some possible reasons for some groups in Kenbrena to be friendly to each other while other groups do not get along?

Here's what I think:


Maybe the people from each tribes, depend on each other. They trade goods and get the resources they need to survive. People can also make friends due to some similarities they have in common. Therefore, each tribe would form a friendly connection.

- Cultures (Religious beliefs & languages)
- Laws
- Land (Geographical features)
- Thinking
- Political views
- Class (levels)
- Population
- Jobs & economy

It's kinda like the "black & white" people issue back then.

2. Is there a social group above that makes you think of yourself or your family?

I think we are kinda like the Social Group 6: Franklos, the get along part... :) But I don't think the rest are "totally" the same. :)

1 Response
  1. Trading, learning from each other and making connections is definitely a way for different groups in society to learn how to get along.