☆ Serena ☆
Interviewer: Interviewer 985
To: Serena Ting (Haha~ Just a creative way of writing the blog)
PART I... And... ACTION!!

Me, the interviewer: Hello! This is interviewer 985... And you're...?
Serena: Oh! Hi~ Serena Ting in Grade 7, HIS.
Me, the interviewer: Can you please tell me what's happening now?
Serena: Well, I'll tell you what happened when this first occurred...

"What's wrong? Why is everyone running and screaming their heads off?"I asked with confusion.
"What happened?" I asked...
"China is attacking us with blobs of chocololate!" yelled someone.

I scanned through the crowd for Mrs. Smith. "Hurry Grade 7s, get into your groups! We gotta make a huge boat enough to carry ALL the students of HIS!" yelled Mrs. Smith at the basketball court.
"But how?" all of us asked.
"Umm... Ah-huh! PAPER!!! We will use paper to make our boats!" exclaimed Mrs. Smith in a desperate tone.
"Paper?" I asked with a weird expression.
"Yes! We only have three paper to build with..." answered Mrs. Smith.
"Anything else?" someone questioned beside me.
"3 Straws and 2 strings of tape" said our teacher excitedly, yet filled with worry.
"Ok... I guess that's the only way out..." I rolled my eyes. (XP)
Me, the interviewer: Thanks for the wonderful explanation.
Serena: You're welcome... =]
PART II... And... ACTION!!

Me, the interviewer: Umm... What were you doing after the warning?
Serena: I started to brainstorm with my group on what we could do. My group members are Cherine and Sandra. ^^
Me, the interviewer: OK, I guess they are nice friends, that is, your partners. Tell me more about your designs about the boat, please...
Serena: Oh yeah, that! I was thinking at the moment, like:
Should we do this kind? The one we see a lot. I could imagine our boat sailing into the deep blue with all of the HIS student. Can this one hold a lot? Ummm.... Maybe not. :(

How about this? Probably not, I think it will sink easily and it's small. (Just an example below on the boat we were thinking of...) XP

If not these two... This one maybe? Ooooh~ Stunning!! But it looks like it's gonna sink soon. I have a feeling that it may leak water easily... :( Nope...

What else can we have?? Ah! I know... ^^

I got this idea where I think would work.
Me, the interviewer: Oh great! So what's your idea, may I ask?
Serena: Sure~ Interviewer 985, have you ever seen paper-made trash containers?
Me, the interviewer: Umm... No, I don't think so... (This is getting exciting!!)
Serena: I got the idea by trash containers, can you imagine that??
Me, the interviewer: Definitely not!
Serena: Haha~ I know. It sort of look like this (the container), but not exactly.

Me, the interviewer: Oh! Those kind! I use to make those too~ Nice to hear and recall my memories!
Serena: We made it so that the main body of the boat is perfect, probably...
Me, the interviewer: Yeah, and?
Serena: Here comes the straws part... Hahah... We could cut them in half and stick them to the bottom of the boat. That way, it may make it float (a bit).
Me, the interviewer: So, you didn't use the tape?
Serena: Yeah, kinda~ We still have some tape left... Umm... Then we came out with the word "water-proof".
Me, the interviewer: Haha~ Great idea, 'water-proof '. So you thought that way, it'll be harder for it to sink?
Serena: That's kinda what I thought... Ha~
Me, the interviewer: So, is this the last step?
Serena: No, not quite. We made a sign with the words: "Escape from the Chocolate Attack! Save the HIS students." I don't think we should add "faculties" too... Nah~ Don't need... No teachers! Joking...
Me, the interviewer: Haha~ That's very thoughtful..
Serena: Yeah! I know, isn't it great? Ha~ Yeah, it's like that. You know, after that step, we're done. I'm like, "Hooray! We're done. We are ready to test it!" Yeah...
Me, the interviewer: I totally understand your feelings.
Serena: Thanks?!? Ha~ All of us, the grade sevens went down to the "moat" to test it, afterward.
Me, the interviewer: So did it work?
Serena: Wait! Don't be impatient... haha~
Me, the interviewer: OK, OK... If you have more...
Serena: Here are the groups:
First group: Patrick, Andrew, and Chris.
Second group: Annchi, Stephanie, and Jazzy.
Thrid group (us!) : Sandra, Cherine and me~~
Fourth group: Jasmine, Tung Erh, and Peter.

Back to your question... We didn't win though... But we made it through 29... Just a tiny little bit to reach the first.
Me, the interviewer: How many did the first winner put in?
Serena: I think it was 31.
Me, the interviewer: I see... So you guys are at the second pace?
Serena: You caught that! Exactly...

Me, the interviewer: Now that you've told us the basic information on this event... Let me ask you a few questions, OK?
Serena: Absolutely.
Me, the interviewer: The first question is... What is "isolating the variable"?
Serena: It means that you eliminate all the differences between to experiments (or as many as you can) except for one... so then you know the difference in results is caused by a certain change you made. That's what Mrs. Smith told us...
Me, the interviewer: Nice explanation, I should say. Ummm... then, how did the activity isolate design as the variable?
Serena: Hmmm.... Isolating... Some of the variables were the materials. Like we were only allowed to use 3 pieces of paper, three straws, and 3 meter tape.
Me, the interviewer: Yeah... I think you sort of mentioned that.
Serena: Yeah, I did... The amount of time was also another thing. And the water volume of whater... Wait, does that count...
Me, the interviewer: Maybe it does. =P
Serena: Ok~ Ha~ Yeah, I think that's about it.
Me, the interviewer: Alright. Can you tell me basically what things you did to keep the same... so that at the end you could say that only the design was being tested?
Serena: We made sure that the straws underneath the boat was about the same and that the base of the boat was totall covered by tape.
Me, the interviewer: Interesting... What variables were not controlled? Explain it well, I'm sure we all want to here... =]
Serena: While we tested the boats, I noticed that the weight was not balanced.
Me, the interviewer: So, the boat was tilting at one side?
Serena: Yeah, that's what I meant. And I think adding the little flag coudl affect the balance.
Me, the iterviewer: Uh huh...
Serena: Yep... And also, Mrs. Smith didn't limit our imaginations too!
Me, the interviewer: That's good. I was wondering if the height and the width matters or not, to this experiment...
Serena: Maybe it does. Haha~
Me, the interviewer: Ha~ I got that joke...
Serena: Yeah... You're suppose to...
Me, the interviewer: But did this affect the outcome?
Serena: Yeah.... Think so... It made the boat unbalanced, sadly...
Someone #1: AHHH!!!!
Me, te interviewer: What's that that I heard?
Serena: Oh yeah! The chocolate is still going on! I forgot about it...
Someone #2: OKOK.... We gotta be quick before we're all covered in chocolate. "Hurry!! The chocolate are about to destroy us. They look like soildiers on cookie-shaped UFO!! Quick! Before more comes...
Me, the interviewer: Whose that again?
Serena: She's are school's principal, Mrs. Lines.
Me, the interviewer: Nice, Cool~
Serena: Sorry. Gotta go!
Me, the interviewer: OK! Thanks for your explanations!
Serena: Yeah~ You're welcome! Bye...

Again, this is Interviewer 985. That's all for today's HIS news... THE CHOCOLATE ATTACK!!

'The Chocolate Bombs' & 'The Chocolate UFO'

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  1. Pbear Says:

    Very creative! and entertaining!

    Needs a bit more on the variables discussion.