☆ Serena ☆
It's almost the end of the school year and we were done with our final for Language Arts. So, our teacher, Mr. Laffin, had decided for us to watch a video. It's called "God's Children".
It is about the people in Philippine that lives at a garbage dump (Smokey Mountain [or something]). It is about a time when that garbage dump had fallen down and buried some alive. Others were left and had to suffer for survival. The problem is that they need money. The garbage is where their money came from. They sold them to earn money for a living. But without it their families would have to starve and resist from certain diseases.

The main food source of those people, are rice. Some may have to struggle with the help of yams they planted. And because they are poor, they could only (at least) afford rice and salt. They also drank unclean water. If you walked around their houses, you'll see that they are mostly made out of metal boards and wood.
I think the main purpose of this video is to show us how lucky we are right now. There are a lot more others that need money. If you can, try and help these people out!! =]