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After reading the book, we decided to watch the movie too. When the movie ended, we started discuss about it. We talked about the similarities and the differences between the book and the movie.
The movie of White Fang is interesting in some ways and yet weird too. What makes it interesting is the order the way they planned the scenes to be at. At the beginning, it started with this boy who wanted to go with two other man and find gold. And at about the same time, a pup was born. Kind of brown and not gray. He, WF, was born in a whole in the ground. There's not much of the information about White Fang's childhood. (There's no sign of the dad, One Eye.)

The characters kind of had different names but about the same role as the original. There's no Weedon Scott and , or Judge Scott. No San Francisco. Some scenes had been skipped and extras are added to make the whole movie smoother. In the book, Beauty Smith doesn't look like that. He's suppose to be REALLY ugly. (Not that I mean he is handsome or something... =P.)
The book contained shtained more description of White Fang's birth. Kiche, the she-wolf, doesn't die! She went to the Indian village with White Fang. There's no Lip-Lip (in the movie) at the camp too! Of course, the book is longer than the movie. =P There are ships!! And there's some description about White Fang's siblings. There's also no scene which White Fang saved the "so-called-Weedon-Scott" from a bear! 0_o
But of all the differences between the book and the movie, there's still some similarities. (Of course, what I said above may not be the only ones. There are more!) They have the same title "WHITE FANG". And yes, Beauty Smith is mean and harmed White Fang. When the "so-called-Weedon-Scott" tried to leave, White Fang jumps out of the window (both in the movie and the book).

Have you read the book or seen the movie? If you have... Which one do you prefer? The "NEW" version or the "ORIGINAL" version?

I GO FOR THE "ORIGINAL" version.... YEAH!! =]
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