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Will Barack Obama focus more on the Asia-Pacific region?
By Vishakha Desai Posted on Thursday, Nov 06, 2008.

As we all know, Barack Obama was elected as the US new president. Now, people all over Asia hope that he will support them. People were asking others about Obama's postion right now based on 3 issues ~ those are dealing with trading, foreign policy, and the geo-economic orders. All of us are still hoping that US new president we give the answers in a way of action.

Countries including India feel that the America and Europe have been on the sides ~ "free” and “fair” trade. But from a more narrow nationalistic perspective. If they are going to have "fair" trading, the new administration will need to deal agricultural problems ~ WTO. Most of all, it'll need to be include both free and fair trade and that comforted Asians that Obama will be alert and aware of their needs.

As the US economy falls lower and lower, the economies of Asian countries will continue to rise higher and higher. Until then, they will remain into such an important source on high technology and industrial goods.

And now, the eager of the answers they questioned, the Asian will continue to look forward into future and see Obama help change the world. The needs for Obama to lead the region’s new realities in condition, has been moved toward East. It is so very clear, that the future of the West will depend on the ways US manages the new power. Do you think so too?
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