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Interviewing at least 2 students and 2 adults:

  1. Explain the benefits of being more organized.

Lian: I think that organizing makes everything easy to access and make everything a whole lot
easier. It allows people to find things easier and to save time for more important things!
Victor: The benefits are that you are always on time so you've got more time to work on it to
make it better
Sandra: I that then you can have more time to play and you can finish homework on time.
Spencer: I think organizing time is what we should do and it can make our life more specific.
Andrew: I think that it keeps us tidy and u can find the thing that u organized easily.

Mom: I think then you will not loose your information and things you need, focus and the main spot, and you won't waste time!!!
Ms. Fortune: 1) you can find things more easily, 2) if you are organized by making lists of things you have to do you can feel proud when check them off the list and get them done, and 3) you won't loose things.
  1. Explain what prevents people from being organized.

Lian: People get lazy when it comes to organizing because they want to do something else
before and want to organize it later. but then they get lazy as all humans do and then
they never go to do it.
What prevents people is listening to music, watching videos, playing games, etc…
Spencer: I think it's because every time they want to organize their time they will think of other things to do like chatting or playing games.
What prevents us from doing it is by being lazy.

Mom: I think laziness and being irresponsible prevents people from organizing.
Ms. Fortune: S
ometimes people get too busy or too overwhelmed.

  1. Create your own “top 5 list” of how to be more organized. In other words, what actions do people need to take to be more organized.

- To take or open the things or websites you need to do.
- Shut down anything that may distract you from concentrating.
- Take notes.
- Maybe set an alarm clock.
- Concentrate more and more!!!!

I think to be able to concentrate and to finish your work faster are ways to be more organized.
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