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For our class during Humanities, out teacher ~ Mr.Carpenter told the people who sat in the same table to look at each others' blogs and comment on them. My table mates are Annchi, Andrew, Chris, Spencer, and Wesley. There are 2 blog post that we need to look at ~ "Reflections on blogging" and "Reflections on learning".

When I was finished with all the reading I realized that sometimes we have the same thinking, ideas and thoughts. But sometimes, there are different. This way, by looking at their reflection posts, I can learn things I had not thought of before as I wrote mine.

Annchi ~ She really got into writing the reflections and thought really carefully!! She explained using a kind of conversation technique. She did great and wrote a lot of her thinking, deeply (very deeply). She separated the paragraphs into different parts for readers to understand what each blogs are saying and what they mean.
Andrew ~ He talks about sharing ideas + opinions with others and explore into more depths. Also, of interacting with other people and doing hands-on activities in order to learn.
Chris ~ He found a way of learning by asking parents + friends, writing the knowledge out, sharing, and practicing your grammar as you read along. By using this way, he learned stuffs.
Spencer ~ He used the 5 special words to express what he learned, and this showed that he learned things with those words. He also talked about writing blog posts are like journals (something you can enjoy.
Wesley ~ For Wesley, I did not see the 2 posts that he wrote and because of that, I was enable to give a comment, learn, and to reflect. :(

Important way of learning includes to reflect, look at other people's comments, and blogs!!!!
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