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In Mumbai, India, the Indians took control of Taj Mahal Palace & Tower and killed lots of people. Three terrorists were found dead and parts of the hotel were on fire. Soldiers went and searched the whole hotel but it seems that this BIG event have ended. This is what happened...

The Indian terrorists were trained well, one of them carried a backpack filled with rounds of ammunition. It seemed that those attacks indicated high degrees with preparing because they know the layout of the building very well. Some of them were caught arriving by boat and disguising as guests for days.

The soldiers searched in a gunman's backpack and this is what they've found:

- found dried fruits (safe).

-400 rounds of AK-47 ammunition.

- 4 grenades.

- Indian + American money.

- Seven credit cards (from some world's leading banks).

- 1 national identity card (Mauritius, an Island).


It's really scary. Just imagine... You just want to have a normal vacation in India. Suddenly, you were caught by some strangers (terrorists) asking you questions and killing the others~ What a terrible sight (and I mean it)!!!!

(I only wrote a little... to find more information about this scary event... go to the link below...)

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