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In Humanities Class, we were being showed a presentation on how to set goals. So far, we only went through the first 2 steps...and those were to "Discover" and to "Plan". It;s all about finding what our values, roles, contributions are, and etc. As we shared our values with the whole class, all of us found out that sometimes we'll have to achieve in our lives. Now, I'm going to list 3 of my mission statements!
1. Come on! Speak up and be proud of your thinking, thoughts, and ideas!!
The first mission is:
To raise my hands ~ speak up and express everything I can think of to participate more in class.
- Maybe I'll raise my hand more and think of complex questions to ask.
- Like act as really being someone who's into doing some homework? :P
- Practice at home on ways to speak loudly (but not too loud).

2. Get your head of the table and show some respect dude!
The second mission is:
Sometimes, when the teachers and students are speaking or presenting something, I often get bored listening to all of their detailed descriptions. When I show I'm either tired or bored, I often lay on the desk, play with my hair, and yawn. So then, I'll improve by:
- Sit up straight ~ with my back tightly touching the chair. (Maybe bring a jump rope from home and tie myself onto the chair :P)
- Sleep early.
- Prepare something that'll wake you up from getting tired.
3. Wo, wo, wo! This is YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM!! Try hard to keep it inside!
The third mission:
Sometimes, when somebody (no matter who) kept on bothering me, nagging me, shouting at me, losing his/her temper, and so on... I do too!!! When they do that, sometimes I... act calm, stare at them, and act as if nothing happened. And if I am absolutely mad mad mad mad (!!!!!!), about a certain purpose, I'll sometimes find a place where there's nobody, and shout about things I had problems with. To hide my feelings, I think I'll need to:
- Really try hard (force myself maybe) to contain my attitude.
- Take some deep, deep, deep breathes and exhale them out.

Maybe YOU have the same missions to take as I do! Look at the points and maybe they'll help YOU improve more!!!
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  1. I love your creativity. Very original work. :)