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The experts tracked the beavers in Norway for about 2 months and then at last, they caught the whole family 1 male, 1 female, including 2 ~ 3 of their baby kits. The experts need to watch the creatures to make sure that not one member of one family are left behind.Now, they're being cared in a quarantine. The quarantine is where animals are kept while experts study them carefully, observing them if there are any diseases that may spread to other animals. In the spring time of 2009 they would be released into the wilderness once again.People used boats and if they want to catch the beavers, they'll need to catch them in the dark (nocturnal)

Beavers could / are :
- Stop fish numbers ~ blocking their routes = Effect fish industries.
- Create wetland environments for other animals (Some people are :) and others are :( about
this idea).
- Trapped by hunters (16th Century) to sell their furs ~ so wiped out.

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