☆ Serena ☆

Active learner = Yes~ I was ready to learn and see what the steps are needed to be done. No ~ I just sat there, looking tired and staring at the tube for observations that could be written down.
Person of high character = Yes ~ I helped my group members by preparing the goggles and other equipments for them and I also put the things away when our project was finished.
Communicator contributor = Yes ~ I put the things back where they belong after using them. I provided observations I noticed and passed them onto one of my partners, so she can write them down.
Effective communicator = Yeah ~ I communicated with my group to see if we did the right thing and if I missed out something. No ~ When we're about to finish the lab, we just took whatever stuff and put them away, almost not communicating with each other.
Critical thinker = Yes ~ I looked carefully at the tube and see if there's any qualitative observations to write down. I also tried ways on why there was no recording of the temperatures on some people's logger pro. No ~ I didn't think that we need to wear goggles before Ms. Smith told us to because they might harm our eyes.
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  1. P. Smith Says:

    Good reflection...I think you could go a bit deeper with your thoughts. :)

  2. Mmm~ Ok! But thanks anyway~~ > <