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Children were taking risks on fireworks and messing with some that are illegal. Firefights said that fireworks are dangerous because of the sudden explosion. Children under 18 (United Kingdom) were not allowed to buy fireworks.


-They would be breaking the laws.

- A firefight said that in the year 2007, above 500 people (under the age 16) were hurt by taking risks with the fireworks.

- The fireworks can explode as quick as lightning as soon as they're lightened.

- If you are older than 16 and have a special license, then you can only buy any kind of fireworks in Northern Ireland.

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2 Responses
  1. Lian Says:


    Playing with Fireworks is so dangerous! I can't believe that people would do something that stupid!


  2. S~T~ Says:

    I know! They just thought that it may be fun or maybe they are curious about these dangerous fireworks...

    Thanks for commenting! :]