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Who: Scientists and experts.

When: (Last updated) October 8, 2008

Where: Near Japan

What: Scientists today think that they have found a type of fish that lived the "deepest" so far.

Why: They caught 17 weird looking snailfish on film that was almost 5 miles under the Pacific Ocean (near Japan). These researchers were excited about their new discovery, because old specimens that are kept in museums are the only examples of organisms that live in such depths until now.

About the snailfish:

- live in total darkness (near-freezing temperatures)

- feed on thousands of tiny creatures like shrimps.

It is really interesting that new organisms were found and maybe there are more to discover...


8 Responses
  1. Lian Says:

    Near freezing temperature?

  2. Andrew Says:

    Uhh I did this news too haha and anyway how long did this take you?

  3. Andrew Says:

    I did this news too

  4. Andrew Says:

    the picture that you gave us look more like some tedpoles plus fish. and also how do they live in a temperature that is close to freezing? please answer me in my email.

  5. Victor Says:

    I didn't know fish could live so far down, in total darkness. I thought fish needed at least a bit of sun.

  6. Patrick Says:

    It's pretty cool that there are so many kinds of unknown species. Do you think that if we found out new species, will they let us name it?

  7. Cherine Says:

    eeewww...! Is that how the fish looks like?? (in your picture)

  8. S~T~ Says:

    To Lian ~ Yeah, it is near the freezing temperature!

    To Andrew ~ Oh really? It took me only a few minutes. And OK, I'll send you the answer by email.

    To Victor ~ Yeah... It's weird.

    To Patrick ~ Probably yes. If you found it and no one did before you I think you can name it.

    To Cherine ~ The picture of the snailfish are really disgusting for some of us...

    To everyone above ~ Thanks for commenting!!! :]