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Who are mentioned in this article?

The goats are!

If the goats are mentioned, what is this all about?

This is all about the action of rescuing goats.

When did this occurred?

It occurred on October 23, 2008

What happened there?

Rescuers were trying more than 2 hours to descend a 60 meter cliff to safe the animal and lead it back to where there's safety.

The goat couldn't free itself.

Where are the goats needed to be rescued?

The goats are needed to be rescued at Great Orme, in Llandudno.

What had helped the animal survive after the rescue? How long had it been up there?

The animal survived by eating small patches of grass here and there on rocky ledges without getting injured. It had been there for 2 weeks already.

Who spotted it first?

The fishermen near the Welsh coast spotted it first and then found out that it couldn't be freed.

Who were involved in rescuing the goat?

Mountain rescuers /RSPCA/and the fishermen were involved.

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