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A polar bear

Who: American Experts and Polar Bear, Charly.

When: Tuesday

Where: California and the Seaworld Marine Park in America


A 12-year-old polar bear named Charly is also in the hearing tests.

He's trained to respond when hearing a computer-generated tone. If he did done it well, in return there are rewards. And the rewards are food includes fruits, fish, and fat.

The trainer of Charly is called Mike Price and he said: "He very much enjoys the game. When I'm setting up equipment he gets really excited."


- Scientists are working on testing a polar bear's hearing.

- They are finding out if the melting of the Arctic ice is affecting the bear's hearings.

- They are worried that the noises we human created would scare the bears and make them think that the areas aren't suitable for them.

- They are finding out how sensitive the bears are to the noises.


Scientists found that the bears are a lot more sensitive to the sounds than we are.


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