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We, as a group are going to research on the relationship between an Ocelot and a prairie dog, and also some information about these two animals.

Where can I find information?
I can find information for my research project on the internet, books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, stories, news articles, magazines, posters, and asking others.

What are the best resources to start with?

The best source to start with is by using paper printed ones. That's because you can get a lot of information from all the thousands and thousands printed works. If you have found everything you have and wanted to research more, then you'll use the internet.

Why is it better to get information from a book or an online Encyclopedia than finding a site through a search engine?
Because the encyclopedia was proved that it has all correct information so that everyone can learn. Whereas the other websites, people might make them up and write the false information. Also the encyclopedia has a lot of information to reference from.

What resources could you use?

I could use wikipedia, and other encyclopedias
to do my research from. Maybe I can ask a scientist!

Which ones provided the most valid and detailed information?
Ocelot = San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes
Prairie dog = San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes

Below are some other sites we went to, to do our research:

Prairie Dog:

What made the provided resources better than doing a search engine search?
That's because then it'll be easier then searching into a lot of websites and trying to figure out if it was the true information.

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