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~ Blogging ~
  • Why and how do we blog?
To know why we blog, first you'll need to know what is a blog.

We blog to improve ourselves by getting comments from others about your post like reading and getting reflections/responds/perspectives. It is also another way to communicate with people around the world, and in order to do that, it is to do a lot reading & writing. It can be educational that are blogged by students, teachers, administrators, experts, and others. In this way, we can have a better chance to explore the work while getting feedback from the readers.
  • Getting started...
Go to the place where you create blog posts and start to jot down ideas and scribble the whole thing in the text.
  • Good Netiquette...
To have good Netiquette is to act properly while you're online.
  • Internet Safety
Be aware of your usage of internet and be sure that it's safe! Don't expose your personal information for anyone you don't know.
  • About the ways you comment...
Give a comment with politeness and be friendly. Don't change your topic and give your good thoughts. Tell them what they need to improve.

Be sure that you do the things you are suppose to do!

4 Responses
  1. Spencer F Says:

    Many information! Very clear explanations and let me very easy to understand!

  2. AnnChi Says:

    Nice! I like the way you use the word "Netiquette" :D

  3. Andrew Says:

    much more complicated then mine but easy to understand.

  4. THX for your comments!!! :)