☆ Serena ☆
After I went and reviewed my tasks, I found that I really learned a lot. Because I never really looked deep inside the definitions of words that are used every time while thinking. And those words include... Skills and knowledge and the understanding of ideas.
I remember that I asked my family, friends, and classmates on what they think each words mean to them and I found it so interesting that if I have found a larger amount of people to survey, I would surely love to.
I also went and think carefully of the ways I learn new things and that includes learning how to operate a new software. Most of all, the Bloom’s Taxonomy of Thinking Skills really shocked me on how thinking skills are presented this way. Studying how people learn and breaking it into parts did puzzle me a lot but it can help me understand more...
3 Responses
  1. AnnChi Says:

    cool!!! i remember you asking me what the 5 words mean too!! :D

  2. Spencer F Says:

    Good ideas, thanks for sharing with us!

  3. THX for YOUR comments!!